Class 9-10, First Paper, MATCHING, Model Questipns


Question No # 6 is matching parts of sentences in Column A and Column B. Primary grammatical knowledge and understanding the meaning of the parts of sentences help greatly to master over this item. Here are some examples worked out.

 1. Match the parts of sentences given in column ‘A’ and column  ‘B’ to write five complete sentences. There are more parts of sentences in column ‘B’ than required

Column A Column B Column C
a) We should i) persons are not only dishonest i) but also harmful for our society
b) Corrupt ii) high time we ii) we do not think of the welfare of our country
c) Now it is iii) so self-centered that iii) did something against corruption
d) We should iv) say ‘no’ to corruption iv) because it is a serious social crime
e) But we are v) work together if v) we want to control corruption

2. Match the parts of sentences given in column ‘A’ and column ‘B’ to write five complete sentences. There are more parts of sentences in column ‘B’ than required.                                1×5=5

Column A Column B Column C
a) Bangladesh is blessed i) an ecologically critical area i) and Kulaura railway to the west
b) Hakaluki haor is ii) the Khshiara river to the north ii) open water resources
c) With a vast land area it iii) one of the major iii) in April 1999 by the govt.
d) This haor was declared iv) with huge inland iv) hand livelihood to many people
e) It is bounded by v) supports a rich biodiversity v) wetlands of Bangladesh


Match the phrases in the substitution table to make sensible sentences .Write out the sentences in full.

(i)Farmers have to in india and cyclone about 2,500 years ago
(ii)Irrigation is easy irrigate their fields for dry seasons
(iii)Canals carry enough if there is a great when there is very littke rain
(iv)Dams have been built the river water river near the fields
(v)A dam across a river is built to store water to the fields when necessary




(i)The arsenic problem

    of Bangladesh

usually suffer slow and agonizing deaths
(ii)In chemistry arsenic has become acute causing them trouble
(iii)The element is detected refferered to as in recent years
(iv)Victims do not even to be present in large quantities a white compound of brittle elements
(v)Suffering people of arsenic know what is in the underground water


(i)English has

   become an

English make them competent for the competitive world
(ii)People learn English international language that aims at having development for every nation
(iv)People adopt different exactly can reach makes a man successful
(v)Those who learn policies to make their the culmination of success
(vi)English is essential for globalization that English outstanding



(i)Socrates was two charges against socrates
(ii)He wanted to a great philosopher his popularity
(iii)The young

      men began

spread knowledge of ancient Greece
(iv)The rulers of

     Athens grew

to gather among the people
(v)They brought jealous of round him


(i)Khan Jahan Ali found as one of the artchitechual beauties of the country
(ii)He built Bagerhat beset with and a court of khan jhan ali
(iii)The Shat

   Gambuj Mosque

numerous mosques various problems
(iv)It was used is the most magnificent in Bagerhat
(v)The Mosque is regarded both as a prayer hall of them



    and plants

we cannot protect our environment from being spoilt
(ii)But humans are carefully are all equally important elements in the last few decades
(iii)Various plants

      and animals

destroying of our environment
(iv)Many wild

    animals and birds

are faced with the threat plants and animals
(v)If we do not care for our wild life have vanished from the earth of extinction today


(i)The Sundarbans with its 6,000 sq km of the number of preys felling of trees in the forest areas
(ii)The tigers hunt on canals and creeks is are responsible for the diminishing of tigers.
(iii)This noctournal their own located in the south of Bangladesh
(vi)The main reason for their extinction hunts only when it is and not in a pack
(v)Illegal poaching and the decrease in is the uncontrolled hungry or feels threatend


Column A Column B Column C
a) Man’s learning cannot i) the elders is an act of i) learning good manners
b) Childhood is the ii) sense of decency in ii) our dealing with others
c) Smoking in presence of iii) be complete without iii) disapprobation of good manners
d) What is assumed as good iv) manners in a country may not iv) acquisition of good manners
e) We should have the v) proper time for v) be the same in another country