Class 8, First Paper, Model Questipns, Seen Passage



  1. Zara’s parents Mrs Jhuma Islam
  2. Shamima started to tell us her story
  3. The ethnic people in Bangladesh
  4. At the farthest corner
  5. Bangladeshi cuisine
  6. Communication of ideas
  7. Health is the condition
  8.  Health is the condition
  9. I am sorry I could not reply
  10. Ladies and gentlemen Mita looked around
  11. Mita’s full name
  12. Ms rehana the english teacher
  13. Nakshi kantha
  14. Oxygen and the air pressure
  15. Shamina’s misery started
  16. The word ‘hygiene
  17. Good afternoon passengers
  18. Thousands of years ago
  19. The first pearl
  20. With only 2500 taka in her pocket
  21. Zara lives with her parents
  22. Ms. Subarna Saha
  23.  It was Sunday
  24. Folk songs are sung
  25. There is a small village called
  26. The ethnic people in Bangladesh
  27. Rumi Akter Rina