Class 8, Fill in the gaps using clues from the boxes, First Paper, Model Questipns

Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. .
show superiors nothing behaviour nature much
rich form conduct sense disciplined remains

Good manners (a) ——– an important part of education. Our education (b) ——– incomplete if we do not learn good manners. In our (c) ——— with others we must (d)———- proper respect for them. We should have a (e) —— of fitness in our (f)———- with others. We should show respect to our (g)———- . It is necessary for a (h)———– society. Good manners cost us (i) —– . So, good manners should be a part of our (j)————.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.
prepare natural sphere hand use Generously
purpose resources fertile land rocky locality

Nature has given her (a) ————- to us more (b) ———— than many other countries of the world. Think about our (c) ———— . It is soft and (d)————. Our farmers who have simple (e)———— made tools can easily dig , plough and (f)————- the soil with them. Whereas, lands of most other countries, which are hard and (g)———– cannot be easily dug , ploughed and prepared. We have a great (h)————– advantages too. We can (i)————- the most of our lands for the (j)———-of agriculture and industry.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.
sediment habitat forestland repair floods Effect
insecurity damage protection causes Deforestation cut

The most common causes of (a) ————- are cutting and burning the (b) —————————. Though the forest lands are (c) ————— and burnt for the sake of agriculture and (d) ————, it has a negative (e) ————- on environment. The removal of trees (f) ————— the birds and the others animals living on them to leave the place. It also causes serious (g) ———- to the soil, as trees give (h) ———– to the soil as well. In the end, the soil gets (i)———— in the river bed and causes frequent (j)————

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.
speed environment life defects non- motorised Lives
challenge mandatory reasons Challenges collision Prevent

Road accidents have become feature of everyday (a) ———— in our country, Bangladesh. A lot of (b)——– act behind road accidents. Roadside (c)———– , poor designed of junctions and road sections, excessive (d)————, dangerous overtaking, reckless driving, disobeying (e)——— traffic rules, varity of traffics’ characteristics and (f)———– of  vehicles are the principle reasons of it. (g)———— vehicles are plying in the road along side the buses and trucks in the same way. They also increase the risk of (h) ———. Road accidents are the major (i) ———- for the development of Bangladesh. So, we should search the way how to (j) ———- these fatal problems.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word form the box. 


successful about pile need careful Stitch
careless for put sure A lot of Proverb

     (a)—–in time saves nine. This is very well known (b)——–. Some people don’t care (c)——-anything .They(d)——off a job (e)——tomorrow, though they are not (f)———whether tomorrow will come. In this way, they cannot finish a work when they (g)——it. Then they say, Alas! If we were not (h)—–about our jobs when we had (i)—– time we must be (j)—–.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.
Educate Waste least need made illiterate
Passed remove education necessary literate compulsory

We must not (a)—–our energy and money any more. We (b)—to take steps to (c)—-our people. Emphasis should be given on primary (d) ——.There should be at (e)—–one primary school in each and every village. We are happy that our government has (f)—–primary education (g)—-.A law has been (h)—-in the assembly. To (i)—-illiteracy from the country, some more steps may be taken. The (j)—adults need to be educated.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word form the box.
powerful tries dominated leads instinct hankers
climb other kill rush universal swallow

It is the (a)—–of everyone to (b)—–up the top in position and power. There is no (b)—-passion in the world which is so (d)—–as the love of power. Man always (e)——after power.Power is the source of all strength. Man (f)—–his best to achieve it. However, excess of desire for power (g) —–to disaster. But people always (h) —–after his power. Sometimes a powerful nation or society is (i) —-by this passion. It wants to (j)—-the smaller and weak neighbours.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
find friends make need side come
Prove pleasure harm real Love pay

Books are men’s best (a)—in life. You may have many good friends, but you do not (b)—them when you(c)—them. They may not always (d)—to you with sympathy. One or two may (e)—false and do you much (f) —–. But books are always ready to be by your (g) ——–. Some books will (h)—you laugh some others will give you much (i)—-. Again some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are your (j)—friends throughout your life.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box necessary. 


food destroyed crisis rise habitat unsuitable
turn rain live cut be effect

If we (a)——-trees at random, one day our country will (b)——-into a desert . All living animals and birds will not find any (c)—–or shelter to (d)—— in. They will be (e)—–. There will be no (f)—–and as a result our agriculture will face a great (g)——– . The temperature will (h)_ and it will cause green house (i)_ . The country will be (j)_ unsuitable for living and various natural (i)- like flood , drought storm etc will (j)-our country.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. 


think distress seem develop make ensure
neigbour get mutual familiar communicate treat

As the world’s communication system is (a)——-day by day, the worlds seem to be (b)—–smaller. For the development of communication system, now we can easily (c)—–with the people of other countries within a moment. Now, the world (d)——to be a village and the countries seem to be families. If we develop our (e)—–understanding and co-operation, we can (f)——our world a better place. We should never (g)——domes that have won others as enemies but as friends. As a friend we should (h)—–immediate help to other counties in their (i)——-and sorrows. We should take them to  be our (j)——.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.


livelihood causes took products depend brings
agriculture on consumption beautiful supplies decline

Bangladesh is our birth land. It is small but (a) —— . It is an (b)—- country .Most of the people of this country directly or indirectly (c)—– on agriculture for their  (d)—– . Many important industries depend on agricultural (e)—– .Agriculture (f) —– fool stuff for human and animal (g)—- .Any (h)——- in agricultural products (i)—– economic depression in the country . Failure of crops (j)—-  sufferings to the entire people .

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box .There are more words for each necessary.   
through work long blue ready inferior
dignity sacrifice high aware above same

Man’s (a)——-depends on his work. Man is rational being. He is to (b)—–for others. He should not be proud of his (c)- —-blood. He should be (d)- —-to help anyone of any class. The man whom he is helping may be (e)—–to him by birth. But after all he is a man. He has the (f)—- blood and flesh as the (g)—-kind of man. So, he should (h)— -his own life for others welfare. We cannot live (i)- —- on earth. We must die one day. We can live (j)—–our work.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words for each necessary.                                                                                               
clean made Water on important objects
cloths empty forces full currents under

The world is (a) —– of uncountable natural and man (b) —- objects. Natural (c) —- are stones, trees, air, and (d) —-. Man made objects are house, cars, (e) —- and chemicals. Natural (f) —, are cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and ocean (g)—.life exists (h)—different conditions. It is very (i)—to keep environment(j)—. 

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word form the box. There are more words for each necessary.                                                                                        
Prevent enables take excellent tired fitness
Physically fills struggles essential free helps

Physical exercise is(a)—for all. It keeps us(b)— strong and healthy. Our is full of activities and (c)—.We can face them if we have physical and mental (d)—.It is physical exercise which(e)—us to have a sound mind in a sound body. Physical exercise (f)— some other benefits too. It also offers us an (g)— recreation. It takes our mind (h)— from the drudgery of work and (i)— it with joy. So we must (j)— physical exercise for our sound health.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words for each necessary.                                                                                           
known bold hunger thirst inspired inconceivable
see courage curiosity satisfied dangerous technology

Man has an unquenchable (a) — for knowledge. In fact he is never (b) —with what he has(c) —and seen. He wants to know and (d) —more and more. This (e) — to know more, coupled with his (f) —spirit of adventure, has (g) —him to undertake and carry out difficult and (h) — tasks. In the fields of science and (i) — man has already achieved what was once (j) —. 

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words for each necessary.                                                                                             
help inactive other aversion hence anything
claim ability charity indolent devoid dignity

What is begging? Begging is the (a) ——– of others. It does not give (b) ——— good to the society .It is totally unproductive and (c) ———, it has no output. It does no develop a man’s (d) ——–or will to be self-reliant. It makes him (e) ——–and habitually (f)——–and dependent on others . It makes a man(g)——–of any sense of self-respect hence those who live by begging cannot (h)——–for any dignity in the society because of their (i)——— to work .They only seek the charity of (j)———and become burden to the society.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
about Lives neglected evil Proper real
right Been very remember Bright regret

Our freedom fighters are the (a) —–heroes of our country. We should (b) —-them as they sacrifice their (c) —-for the cause of motherland. It is a matter of great (d) —–that most of them are (e) —-and our young generation does not know (f) —–their valiant struggle. Yet today many of the real freedom fighters have not (g) —found out and established. Some of them lead (h) ——poor life. The authority in power should take (i)—–step to enlist them and (j)—–honour.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more word for each necessary.                                                                                                
help illiterate removing aware enlarge exist
efforts assist increase illiteracy literacy thought

Inability to read and write is (a)——.It hinders all development (b)—-of the government. The literacy late of Bangladesh is still low. We have to (c)—-this rate for entire development of the country. A countries development cannot be (d)—-of keeping the large number of people (e)——.Government alone cannot meet this challenge without the (f)—-of the literate community. It is the social responsibility of the literate people to (g)—–the government for the eradication of illiteracy .We must realise that we cannot (h)—–as a nation without (i)—–illiteracy from the society. So we should be (j)….of this great problem.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
mentally assist educated self-reliant called helpful
provide genius develop sympathy useful improve

Proper education (a) ….a learner with opportunities of (b)….all his talents. Its aim is to (c)….him physically and (d)…so that he can be (e)….to himself and to the society. An educated man is (f)…..but he also (g)…others in attaining self-reliance. He is supposed to be well mannered, kind and (h)……So a man who has acquired knowledge and skill only for his maternal development cannot be (i)….a truly (j)….man.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
possible time difficult spheres travel poor
civilization ancient age greater all constant

We live in an age of (a)- — —in every (b)——-of our life. We (c)…..on science which has (d)—– –us with many gifts. By dint of science, man has (e)….the master of the whole (f)……In every sphere of life science has (g)… a new era of hope and prosperity. Today we cannot think of (h)— —rather than science. But still the modern science (i)—–not change the basic attitude towards the problems of our life. Superstitions, false notions and baseless beliefs still (j)– —-over us.

  1. Fill in each gap with suitable word given in the box.
agriculutral depend livelihood indusries agriculture
causes brings decline supplies consumption

Bangladesh is an (a)—–country. Most of the people of this country directly or indirectly (b)——-on agriculture for their (c)—–.Many important (d)—–depend on (e)—–products. Agriculture (f)—–food stuff for human and animal (g)—–.Any (h)—–in agricultural products (i)——economic depression in the country. Failure of crops (j)—–sufferings to the entire people.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more word for each necessary.
defend materialized so-called cherished noble pretender
aloft fake fraud remember inherent inspire

Patriotism is (a)—virtue. It is an(b)—-instinct in human nature. It (c)—a man to shed every drop of blood to (d)—the liberty and dignity of the country. But patriotism should not be merely a (e)—-a slogan in the public meetings to (f)—-the people. It should be (g)—in the core of heart and (h)—in our deeps. We should keep ourselves above from the (i)—patriotism. Everybody should bear in mind that a (i)—must be defeated. Nobody will remember or honour a mock patriot.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word form the box. There are more word for each necessary.                                                                                               
visited purse premises had frequently has
collected exhibitions tempted making crowded displayed

Of all the (a)—–,the book fairs are of recent origin . They are (b)——-held in towns and cities now.Last year i(c)——-Ekushe Boi Mela in Bangla Academy (d)———.There were a number of stalls and thousands of books were (e)——-.It was a great opportunity of (f)——–a varied choices of books .So many book –lovers (g)———there .l was (h)——–to buy a lot of books but my (i)——did not permit me .As a result, I bought a few books and (j)——–a lot of catalogue.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more word for each necessary.                                                                                                 
light bring deprive participation removes run
darkness educate discrimination development basic remain

Education (a)—-our ignorance and gives us (b)—of knowledge. In respect of imparting education there should be no (c)—-between man and woman. Education is one of the (d)— human rights. If we (e)—-women of the right of education, almost half of our population will (f)—in (g)–,No(h)—can be brought about without (i)—-of women. So government is doing everything to (j)—women folk.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary.
loses both continuous real competition matched
progress loss enjoyment matching result win

Without efforts there can be no (a)—–in life. Life (b)—–its interest if there is no struggle. Games become dull, if there is no (c)—–in them and if the (d)—–can be easily foreseen. No matter we (e)—-the game or lose  it the keener the contest, the greater (f)—–.A victory is not a (g)—–triumph unless (h)—-the sides are equally (i)—–.Whether we like it or not, life is one (j)—–competitive examination.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more word for each necessary.  CB 09                                                                                               
If prevent remote causes can much
invention but river water verify close

Crops need (a)——,So  Farmers must irrigate their fields (b)—there is very little rain at any time. (c)— irrigation is not easy if there is no river(d)—to the crops. Canals can carry (e)—–water to the field. Sometimes (f)— water causes flood. A dam may (h)—-difficulties of irrigation. A great lake (i)—be built behind the dam. Dams are not recent  (j)——-.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more word for each necessary.                                                                                               
safely narrow menace invention life controlled
daily Lie Violate happen increasingly lives

Road accidents are (a)—-occurrences in modern city. Every year thousands of people lose their (b)—-and many more are injured. Before the (c)—–of automobile, people moved from one place to another slowly but (d)—–.The real causes of road accidents (e)—-with the people not with the transports. In some cities ,the roads are (f)—.These can hardly cope with the (g)—number of traffic .Besides, the traffic is not (h)—–properly. The drivers often(i)—-traffic rules. As road accidents seem a great (j)—–,immediate steps should be taken to stop the danger.

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary.                                                                           
dream famous expected tries successful private
hard result glorious study institution public

Every students expects (a)—–result in the examination and for that he (b)—–heart and soul. There are many ways to have glorious (c)—–.Admission in the famous (d)—–is one of them. So most of the students (e)—–for getting admission in a (f)—–institution. Most of the students start to study (g)——after their final examination to get admission into their (h) —institutions. Some become (i)—–and some become failure in their mission. The students who don’t (j)——hard cannot succeed in this context.

29  Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.

ever time tomorrow suffer who lost
take enough call properly shine good

Time and tide waits for none. No one can (a) —— it back. A man gets back his (b) —– money and heath but cannot get back his lost time. Time ones lost is lost for (c) ——. So we should make the (d) —— use of time. We should do our duties (e) ——-. If we put off our work for (f) —— we may not get an opportunity to do it at all. There are some people (g) ——- idle away time for nothing. They cannot prosper in life. They have to (h) —— for it. So we should (i) —— an oath that we must do our duty properly and in (j) ——-.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
light participation prosper bring darkness run
deprive discrimination educate basic removes remain

Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can (a)…without education. Education (b)… our ignorance and gives us(c)—-of knowledge. In respect of imparting education there should be no (d)—-between men and women. Education is one of the (e)—human rights. If we (f)….women of the right of education, almost half of the population will (g)—in (h)…-.No development can be brought about in our society without the (i)…of women. The government of Bangladesh is doing everything to (j)…women folk.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
almost useful era without helps knowledge
nations mutual necessity essential important becomes

English is an International Language. As a result the (a)—-of English has increased. Different countries have to keep (b)—-communication among them. The (c)—-of learning is very great. Because it (d)—-us to develop a good relationship with other (e)—-.In this modern (f)—-of communication it is not possible to advance (g)—-it. English (h)—the language of the whole world.(i)—all books in science and Technology have been written or translated into English. One can’t think of higher studies without the (j)—of English.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
thinking now instead again stood different
following on along into up running

The pied piper stepped into the street and began to play his pipe (a) ——. This time the music was (b) —–. All the sound of the music all the children of Hamelin came (c) ——. The mayor the councilors and all the parents (d) —– dumb. The piedf piper walked (e) ——- the streets and the children followed him.They were laughing and dancing. But (f) —- the piper did not go towards the river. He walked towards the hill called Koppelburg (g) ——. The parents felt reilieved (h) —— that the pied piper would never be able to cross the hill. But as soon as the piper reached the hill it opened (i) —– and he walked into it with the children (j) —— him. Then the hill closed and they were never seen again.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
hold visit recent collection crowed old
enlarge  permit ancient has spread display

Amongst all the exhibitions, the book fair are of (a) —— origin. They are frequently (b) —– in towns and cities now. Last year I (c) ——- Ekusher Boi mela in Bangla academy premises. There were a number of stalls and thousand of books here (d) ——-. It was a great opportunity of (e) —— a varied choice of books. A large number of people (f) —- there. I was tempted to buy a lot of books but my purse didn’t (g) —— me. As a result, I brought a few books and (h) —— a lot of catalogue. However a book fair (i) ——- the massage that books are our best friends. Books (j) —— our vision and make our life meaningful.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
service remove separate society education human live

Students should not (a)—–themselves from (b)——. They can (c)—–the society in many ways. Their (d)—–is of great importance to society. During vacation they should go to their native village. They can (e)— —the illiterate villagers. During a flood they can (f)—–the sufferings of the flood affected people by raising funds. As they live in (g)—-, they are (h)—–beings. So they are not (i)——from society. They can play an important role by (j)—the illiterate from the country.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
also eager overloaded sitting puller reached
happened whom exactly opposite chatting as

(a)—-I was sitting at the front of the bus, I saw (b)—–what (c)—–. A rickshaw van (d)—-with good was coming from the (e)—-direction. The poor (f)—–was an old man.(g)——, there was another person (h)—at the back of the van with (i)—–the puller was  (j)—–.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
change depend blessed become universe stage
ushered anything made predominate science can

We live in the age of (a)——.In every (b)——of our life, we (c)——on science which has (d)——us with many gifts. By dint of science man has (e)——the master of the whole (f)—–.In every sphere of life, science has (g)——in a new era of hope and prosperity. Today we can’t think of (h)—–rather than science. But still the modern science(i)——not change the basic attitude towards the problem of our life. Superstitions, false notion and baseless beliefs still (j)—–over us.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
down opposition all oppose great Out
number idea people island in build

Once there lived a king in an island. There were green trees everywhere (a) ——– the island. The king decided to (b) ——– a magnificent place in the (c) ——-. So he ordered his men to cut (d) ——- all the trees. Some opposed the (e) —— of the king but (f) ——- did not pay heed to the (g) ——. So people were compled to carry (h) —— the kings order. They cut down (i) ——- the trees. As a result a (j) ——- change took place in the climate of the island.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
administration certain interfere vote establish Property
has certainly when speak to have

A citizen has (a) —— rights and privileges. For example he (b) ——- a right to security of life and (c) —– and protection of law (d) —— necessary. The state is bound to give him such protection. He has the right to (e) ——- as he places and the state should not (f) ——- with his freedom of speech. But he must not say anything that goes against that (g) —— laws of his land. He (h) ——- a natural right (i) —– takes a hand in the (j) ——– of the affairs of his country.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
Stopped could closed almost nearest about
left close arrived straight said open

Habib lives in a village (a) ——- to a town. He wanted to (b) ——– a bank account. Having (c) —— in the town he (d) —— a stranger, Excuse me (e) ——— you tell me the way to the (f) ——– bank?” (g) —— Habib certainly go (h) ——– about 2000 meters and turn (i) ——– and the bank is (j) ——– on the right, said the stranger.

  1. Fill in each gap using appropriate word from the box below to complete the following passage.
Mouse home quick same came roots
from town clever small big country

The nest was very (a) —— and very light. The country (b) —— ate barley and the (c) —— of other plants. A mouse (d) —— the town (e) —— to see the (f) ——– mouse. The (g) ——- mouse was very (h) ——- and (i) ——–. His (j) ——– was in a big house in the town.



Close Test Without clues

Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one for each gap:-

  1. Books are men’s best (a) ——– in life, you may have many good friends, but you do not (b) —— them when you (c) ——- them. They may not always (d) —— to you with sympathy. One or two may (e) —— false and do you much (f) ——. But books are always ready to be your (g) ——. Some books will (h) —— you laugh some others will give you much (i) —–. Again some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are your (j) —— friends thought out your life.

Ans: (a) friends/companions (b) find (c) need/want (d) come (e) prove/be (f) harm (g) make (h) make (i) pleasure (j) real


  1. A flower is the best (a) —— of nature. It is a (b) —— of purity and beauty. It gives us (c) ——. There is nobody but (d) —— a flower. Its sweet smell (e) —— is one to all. Nowadays, flowers are (f) —— in our country. Many people earn their (g) —— by flower cultivation. Today (h) —– people (i) —— their houses with flowers to enhance beauty. At present flower exhibitions are (j) —— in our country.

Ans: (a) gift (b) symbol (c) pleasure (d) likes/loves (e) flower (f) cultivated/grown (g) livelihood (h) many (i) decorate (j) held

  1. A student, who (a) —— the best seeds in his life, is an ideal student. He is (b) —— to his parents. He never (c) —— with his brothers and sisters. He is (d) —— to his neighbors. He learns his lessons (e) —— and never keeps himself aloof from the institute. He is obedient to his teachers and (f) —— note what his teachers say. An ideal student (g) —– good use of his time. He (h) —— his leisure time in reading good books and newspapers. He (i) —— good company with good boys. An ideal student helps classmates in (j) —— their difficult lesson.

Ans: (a) sows   (b) devoted (c) misbehaves (d) obedient (e) regularly (f) makes (g) tries to (h) passes/enjoys/spends (i) likes/loves/wants   (j) solving/understanding                    

  1. Afforestation means preservation of trees. It is an (a) ——- to deforestation. Trees and plants are part and (b) —— of the environment. Ecology fully (c) —– on trees and plants. The country will (d) —– into desert unless there are trees. The trees help to (e) —– the soil from erosion. Floods can (f) —— affect those areas covered with trees. Storms cannot (g) —— its forcefully on the places (h) —— there are trees. However, the trees are so (i) —— that it is impossible to think of life (j) —– it.

Ans: (a) opposite (b) parcel (c) depends (d) turn (e) protect (f) hardly/rarely (g) impose/force (h) where (i) important (j) without

  1. Bangladesh is a country (a) —— an area of 147570 square kilometers. It is (b) —— with more than 140 million people. About 1000 people live in per (c) —— kilometer. So it is a (d) —— populated country now. The present growth rate is very (e) —— which should be (f) —— immediately. If this rate (g) —— on unchecked, Bangladesh will (h) —— a great problem. So everyone should come (i) —— to (j) —— public awareness.

Ans: (a) having/with/covering (b) populated (c) square (d) densely (e) high (f) controlled (g) goes (h) face (i) forward (j) raise

  1. Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. Nature has (a) —— her with unique beauty. Really, no (b) —— country in the world is so (c) —— with natural beauties as Bangladesh is. She is noted for her (d) —— beauty, golden crops of paddy and (e) —— leaves of trees. The six seasons of the year (f) —— by turns marking Bangladesh a land of beauty, variety and plenty. Her rivers present her a (g) —— beauty particularly in the rainy season. The boats (h) —— on the rivers under multi (i) —— sails also present a (j) —— sight.

Ans:(a) blessed (b) other (c) rich (d) natural (e) green (f) coming (g) natural (h) playing (i) colored (j) beautiful

  1. Bangladesh is a small country but has a (a) —— population. Most people here live below the (b) —— line and cannot therefore (c) —— to educate their children. Many poor children (d) —— drop out of school after just a few years or simply do not go to (e) —— at all. Despite of this situation, we have far too many (f) —— to educate compared to the number of (g) —— available. Bangladesh needs schools, colleges and (h) —— to provide for the increasing number of (i) ——. But owing to financial and resource constraints, the government cannot fund the (i) —— number of educational institutions.

Ans: (a) huge (b) poverty (c) afford (d) often (e) school (f) children (g) institutions (h) universities (i) students (j) vital

  1. Bangladesh is in South-Asia on the (a) —— of the Bay of Bengal. It is (b) —— by India (c) —— three sides. She has been independent (d) —— 1971. The religions in Bangladesh are Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and (e) —–. She has a (f) —– climate. Families are usually (g) —— by males. (h) —— monogamy is practiced and people like to live an (i) —— family. I am (j) —— of my country.

Ans: (a) shore (b) surrounded (c) on (d) in (e) Christianity (f) moderate (g) run/maintained (h) here (i) extended (j) proud

  1. Books introduce us (a) —— the best society. They bring us into the (b) —— of the greatest minds that (c) —— ever lived. We hear what (d) —— said and did we see (e) —— as if they were (f) —— alive. We are participator (g) —— their thoughts, we sympathize (h) —— them, (i) —— with them and we feel as if we were a measure actors. The great and good men (j) —— not die even in this world.

Ans: (a) to/with (b) writing (c) have (d) they (e) then (f) still (g) in (h) with (i) speak (j) will

  1. Computer was not (a) —– overnight. It took long time and hard labour to (b) —–computer. Many votaries (ভক্ত) of science (c) —– hard and (d) —– computer. Computer cannot (e) —– itself. It works on the basis of command (f) —— by the operator. It is (g) ——- in our daily life for various purposes. It has (h) —— our work load and (i) —— our life easy. Today the doctors use computer (j) ——- a disease.

Ans: (a) invented (b) invent (c) work (d) invented (e) work (f) given (g) used (h) lessened (i) make (j) diagnosis

  1. Computer was not invented (a) ——. It took long time and hard (b) —— to invent computer. Many votaries of science (c) ——– hard for years together and finally came out (d) ——. In fact, computer cannot work (e) ——-. It works on the basis of the (f) ——- given by the operator. It is used in our daily life for (g) —— purposes. It has (h) —— our work, (i) —— our life comfortable. Nowadays doctors are also using computer to (j) —– a disease.

Ans: (a) overnight (b) invent (c) work (d) labour (e)successful (g)itself (h) command (g)various (h) lessened (i) make  (j) diagnosis

  1. Drug addiction has become a (a) —— national problem in our country. An (b) —— attraction for some harmful things may be (c) —— as addiction and the materials which cause (d) —— in men are called drugs. Drug addiction is spreading lie (e) —— in Bangladesh. The number of addicts is being (f) —— rapidly. Drug carries the addict to an unreal (g) —— of dreams. This is called (h) ——. Religious and social values must be taught (i) —– early childhood. A countrywide campaign (j) —– drug addiction should be undertaken immediately.

Ans: (a) great/major (b) indomitable/immense (c) defined/called (d) stimulation/addiction (e) epidemic (f) increased (g) world (h) illusion/hallucination (i) from (j) against

  1. Einstein (a) —– lonely and (b) —– in his childhood. He (c) —– to play by himself in the (d) —– and woods. School was an unpleasant (e) —– for him. He was (f) —– by how war (g) —– were taught at school. At the age of fifteen, he went to Milan with his family. In Italy he (h) —– free for the first time. He (i) —– through countryside, visited museums and (j) —– galleries, attended concerts and read books.

Ans:(a) was (b) unhappy (c) liked (d) parks (e) place (f) disgusted (g) strategies (h) fell (i) traveled (j) art

  1. English is a widely (a) —— language. In our country we (b) —— it as a (c) —– language. It is not our (d) —– tongue. Naturally, it is very (e) —– to learn. So, we have a very poor (f) —– on this language. As a result we do not get (g) —– interest in this (h) —–. For all these (i) —— English is difficult for us to (j) ——-.

 Ans: (a) used (b) learn (c) foreign (d) mother (e) difficult (e) command (g) much (h) language (i) reason (j) learn

  1. English is an (a) —– language (b) —– almost all over the world. People (c) —– English can express their ideas everywhere in the world. Tourism is an industry (d) —– cannot work (e) —– if there is not any (f) —– language for mutual expression of ideas and views without (g) —– much. English and without proficiency in this language you cannot (h) —– all over the world. But you will be in (i) —– barriers. In order to overcome these difficulties you have to be (j)—to listening and speaking.

Ans: (a) international (b) used (c) knowing (d) that (e) properly (f) common (g) being (h) travel (i) language (j) accustomed

  1. Examination is very important in student’s life. If justifies a student’s (a) —– no student can be (b) —– to next class without examination, so every student (c) —– hard to pass the examination. There are many ways to do (d) —– in the examination and meritorious students follow these ways. Subject (e) —– is not all things to approach the exam. One may gather much (f) —– about his subject but if he cannot (g) —– his performance in the examination in such kind of knowledge is (h) —–. He (i) —– be very practical in the examination which is also an (j) —– thing.

Ans: (a) quality (b) promoted (c) tries (d) well (e) knowledge (f) knowledge (g) show (h) valueless (i) must (j) important

  1. Friendship is not only a (a) —– but also an innate relationship between two men. A real friend understands you (b) —– and takes the share of your job and sorrow. But an acquaintance does not do the (c) ——. At the same time of you your sorrow he (d) —— be by your side. He (e) —— not know your parents and he won try to know their identity. On the (f) —— you real friend must be curious about every information about them. He must mix and talk to them (g) ——.When an acquaintance comes to your home, he will bring gifts and will act (h) —— as guest. But your real friend helps you in your (i) —–. So, we have to be (j) —— of friendship.

Ans: (a) name (b) well (c) same (d) may (e) may (f) contrary (g) happily/cordially (h) likes (i) kitchen (j) conscious                                                                                              

  1. Foreign aid is (a) —– for our economy. (b) —– foreign aid we can’t progress. We can’t(c) —— our developmental programs (d) —— financial (e) —– from other developed countries. Sometimes we (f) —– sufficient assistance. But sometimes we (g) —– nothing. But that is not the (h) —— problem . The main problem is that the donor countries impose conditions that must be fulfilled. If we (i) —— to receive their help. And Alas! if we follow their suggestion then we can’t (j) —– very much.

Answer:(a) essential (b) without (c) continue (d) without (e) help (f) need (g) get (h)only (i) want (j) develop

  1. Garment sector is playing a (a) —— role by earning a lot of (b) —— exchange. At the (c) —— time, it has opened scope of (d) —— for the unskilled workers especially for women. Though it has paved the way for economic (e) —— for the women the working (f) —— is not suitable to them. As they (g) —— to work for a (h) —— shift, they are bound to (i) —— most of the time at their working place. For unhygienic atmosphere, they are (j) —— from various kinds of disease.

Ans: (a) vital (b) foreign (c) same (d) employment (e) solvency (f) place (g) have (h) long (i) stay (j) suffering

  1. Honesty is a (a) —— virtue. Helps a man to (b) —— in life. An honest man is (c) —— and honors all. No body (d) —— a dishonest man. A man may be eminent (e) —— means of dishonesty but that is short lived. A dishonest man (f) —— in the long run. So we should (g) —— to be honest (h) —— truthful if we (i)—to be respected (j) —— honored.

Ans:(a) great (b) succeed (c) loved (d) believes (e) by (f) suffers (g) try (h) and (i) want (j) and

  1. In our country women are the (a) —— sufferers. When a girl is (b) —— to the parents, it is not (c) —— as a good news. It is the (d) —— of the parents that a daughter will only (e) —— to their sufferings. So they do not like to send her to school for education. Thus being (f) —— of the light of education she (g) —— at home for doing (h) —— work. Finally her parents remain greatly (i) —— to marry her off before she attains (j) ——.

Answer:(a) worst (b) born (c) regarded (d) idea (e) add (f) deprived (g) stays (h) household (i) anxious (j) maturity

  1. It is a fact that complete (a) —— does not exist in worldly life. A man (b) —— have all things that he desires in(c) ——. It is better not to seek (d) —— happiness. Rather one should be satisfied with (e) —— one gets. Contentment is the key (f) —— to happiness. One should not always (g) —— about what he had and what he does not (h)—because by doing so a man (i) —— frustrated and depressed. There are some people who think that it is (j) —— that brings happiness and happiness could be bought.

Answer:(a) happiness (b) may (c) life (d) absolute (e) what (f) element (g) think (h) have (i) becomes (j) money

  1. Liberty does not (a) ——— upon a people. People must (b) —— themselves to it. It (c) —— a fruit that (d) —— be earned before it (e) —— be enjoyed. That freedom means freedom only from foreign rule (f) —— an ancient idea. It (g) —— not merely government that should be free, but people themselves (h) —— be free. And no freedom (i) —— any real value for the common man or woman unless it also (j) —— freedom from want, disease and ignorance.

Answer:(a) descend (b) raise (c) is (d) can (e) is (f) out worth (g) is (h) should (i) has (j) means                                                                                        24. Man is a rational being (a) —— wisdom, intellect and sense of self-respect. He had immense (b) —— in himself. It keeps him aloof from all sorts of evil (c) ——.To become an ideal man he should (d) —— the feelings of others and (e) —— his utmost for the greater welfare of (f) ——. It is not at all (g) —— that a man should remain busy only with his own (h) —— and materialistic obsession. With a view to (i) —— the society, he should come forward with sincerity and (j) ——.

Answer:(a) creature/having/with  (b) potential/power  (c) deeds (d) have/develop  (e) try (f) mankind (g) desired (h)business (i) serving  (j) devotion

  1. Mobile phone is and important (a) —— of communication and correspondence. It helps to (b) —— with people of distant places in the (c) —— possible time. The use of mobile phone is more (d) —— than that of land phone. The person who (e) —— the message is to pay the bill. The (f) —— can respond any call without any cost. Mobile phone has (g) —— the communication system. People of all (h) —— of the society become benefited through the use of mobile phone. But sometimes criminals keep their (i) —— by using mobile phone. In spite of that, mobile phone is a (j) —— modern civilization.

Ans: (a) means (b) communication (c) shortest (d) effective (e) sends (f) receiver (g) changed (h) walks/spheres (i) communication (j) wonder

  1. Man is architect of his own fortune. If he makes a (a) —— division of his time and does his duty (b) ——, he is sure to prosper in life. But if he does otherwise, he is sure to repent when it is too (c) ——.To kill time is as culpable as to commit (d) ——, for our life is nothing but the sun total of hours (e) —— and years .Youth is the golden (f) —— of life. If we lose the morning hours of (g) —— we shall have to repent (h) ——. If we sow good (i) —— during the sowing time, we shall reap (j) —— when we grow up.

Ans: (a) proper (b) accordingly (c) late (d) suicide (e) days (f) season (g) life (h) afterwards (i) seeds (j) harvest

  1. Most students learn (a) —— by rote taking them from a common (b) ——. I think this is again a wrong(c) —— of preparing for an (d) —— for one thing it’s not good (e) —— things without understanding or thinking about them. You become a parrot. Another reason is that examiners get bored when they find almost the same answers in all the (f) ——. You can’t blame them if (g) —— don’t give you good (h) ——. If you were an (i) —— you would do the (j) ——.

Ans: (a) answers (b) sources (c) way (d) exam (e) memorizing (f) answers (g) if (h) marks (j) same.

  1. Mother Teresa is a great (a) ——- and Philanthropist, was (b) —– on August 2,1920 in Albania of Yugoslavia. Her real (c) —— was Agnes Teresa. She had her (d) —– at a government school in Albania. In 1928 Agnes (e) —– to Kolkata to do some (f) —– work and later took Indian (g) —–. Then she devoted and (h) —– herself to the service of sufferings and distressed humanity. She (i) —— the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 and Nirmal Hridaya in 1954 in Kolkata and was (j) —– as mother.

Ans: (a) humanist (b) born (c) name (d) schooling (e) came (f) missionary (g) citizenship (h) dedicated (i) set up (j) known

  1. Patriotism is a (a) —– virtue. It is an inherent instinct in human nature. A Muslim (b) —– it as a part of his faith. It (c) —– a man to shed every drop of his blood to (d) —–the liberty and honour of his country. A person who (e) —– not love his country is a brute. A true patriot (f) —– day and night for progress of his country (g) —— patriotism however is bad. A man like Hitler (h) —– such narrow patriotism did a lot of harm to mankind. So patriotism is not enough. We (i) —– have not hatred or malice towards anyone. A true patriot (j) —— the freedom of others as of his own. Ans: (a) noble (b) takes (c)creates (d) keep (e)does (f) works (g)False (h)took (i)must (j) values
  2. Poverty (a) ——- a great problem in our country. But we hardly (b) —— that this miserable (c) —— is our own creation. Many do not try to (d) —– their conditions by means of hard and profitable business. They only (e) —– their miserable lot and (f) ——-their fate. We must (g) —– this lethargy and aversion to physical labour. Man is the architect of his own fortune. If we (h) —– this wise saying and (i) —– in the way of life with firm steps, our poverty and misery will (j) —– and peace and happiness will be our constant companion.

Ans: (a) great (b) think /realize (c) condition (d) change/better  (e) bemoan (f)curse (g) shake off (h) remember (i) advance (j) disappear     

  1. Our beloved motherland Bangladesh is an (a) —— and severing state. She came (b) —— existence on December 16, 1971. We (c) —— freedom at the cost of three million (d) ——. The lives which are laid down for the sake of the country’s liberty (e) —— really dignified lives. The martyred freedom (f) —— snatched away the red sun of independence at (g) —— of an ocean of blood. As they established undying achievement they reign in the hearts of their (h) —–. The countrymen will cherish the memory of hose glorious sons of the soil for (i) ——. In this sense, the millions of martyred freedom fighters are (j) ——.

Ans: (a) independent (b) into (c) achieved (d) live (e) are (f) fighters (g) cost (h) country (i) good/ever (j) immortal

  1. Our freedom fighters are the (a) —— heroes of our country. We should (b) —— them as they sacrificed their(c) —— for the cause of our mother land. It is a matter of great (d) —— that most of them are (e) —— and our young generation does not know (f) —— the valiant struggle. Yet today many of the real freedom fighters have not been (g) —— and established. Some of them lead (h) —— poor life. The authority in power should take (i) —— step to enlist them and give them (j) —— honour.

Ans: (a) national (b) respect (c) lives (d) regret (e) forgotten (f) even (g) succeeded (h) necessary (j)proper

  1. Student life a life of (a) —— for future struggle. To make him (b) —– for the struggle, education is necessary. So the first and foremost duty of a student (c) —– to prosecute his studies well. He who (d) —— his lessons regularly (e) —– well in the examination. On the (f) —– the student who wastes his time cuts a (g) —— figure. It should be (h) —— in mind that none can get back the (i) —— time. If the students neglect their studies they will suffer in the (j) —— run.

Answer: (a) preparation (b) fit/eligible/worthy (c) is (d) prepares/learns (e) does (f) contrary (g) sorry (h) kept (i) lost/missing (j) long

34.Smoking is a dangerous (a) —— habit. More than eighty percent people of our country (b) —— addicted to smoking. Smoking (c) —— many fatal diseases. It prevents the free (d) —— of blood through the (e) ——. It (f) —— our lungs. (g) —— addicted to smoking lose their appetite. Smoking pollutes the (h) ——. It costs a lot of (i) ——. So this habit should be (j) —— up.

Ans: (a) bad (b) are (c) causes (d) circulation (e) veins (f) affects (g) people (h) environment (i) money (j) given                                                                                                            

  1. Students (a) —— the future hope and strength of the country. Much depends upon how they (b) —– their time and energy now. They (c) —– in the first place, to acquire knowledge, experience and wisdom. Secondly, they have to look around and (d) —— the conditions of the people, their habits and customs and (e) —– in what direction reforms (i) —– necessary. The students are often compared to the buds and before buds are fully (g) ——. They should not (h) —– into politics. They should not (i) —– the player into the hands of the so called politicians who (j) —— then for their own purposes.

Ans: (a) are (b) spend (c) have (d) knowledge (e) see (f) is (g) bloomed (h) enter (i) remain (j) use

  1. Teaching is a suitable profession for women (a) —— it helps them to (b) —— up their career and look after their family. Very few people (c) —— the amount of work that a teacher (d) —— to do in fact, a teacher does a lot work like (e) —— classes. Examining the answer (f) —— for the students. A good teacher has to study a lot in order to know the latest development regarding teaching opportunities for (g) —— development exist equally for everyone in teaching. Yet due to social (h) —— family circumstances, it often (i) —— difficult for women to (j) ——  them.

Ans: (a) career (b) build (c) know/think /realize (d) has (e) taking (f) scripts (g) professional (h) and (i) remain/become (j) take

  1. The 16 the December is a (a) —– day of the history of Bangladesh. On this day we achieved (b) —–. Bangladesh came into being at the cost of a bloody (c) ——. It occupied a place as an (d) —– country in the world map. Every year we (e) —– the day with great solemnity. The day (f) —— us the supreme sacrifice of our heroic sons. The day (g) —–with gunshot. The whole (h) —— wears of festive look. The national (i) —— is hoisted on the top of each (j) ——.

Ans: (a) victory/memorable (b) independence (c) struggle/war (d) independent (e) observe/celebrate (f) reminds (g) starts/begins (h) country (i) flag

  1. The 21st February (a) —– a memorable day in our life. On this day in 1952 the martyrs (b) —- down their lives for the mother tongue. We (c) —— this day with great honour. The day is a government holiday. On this day our national flag (d) —— flying half-mast. Meetings and assemblies of different kinds are (e) —– and every Shaheed Minar is (f) —–with flowers. Those who (g) —— down their lives for the mother (h) ——- are immortal. Now the day has been (i) ——- international Mother Language (j) ——–.

Ans: (a) is (b) laid (c) observe/celebrate (d) keeps (e) arranged/held (f) covered (g) laid (h) tongue (i) recognized (j) day

  1. The Bangladeshis are (a) —— all over the world for their traditional hospitality. The Bangladeshis may be poor in (b) —— but are (c) —— in heart. The home of a Banglee is open to a (d) ——. So entertaining a guest has become a (e) —— of Bengali culture. Whenever anyone (f) —— our house, we try best to please him or her. Certainly guests are (g) —— with most care. A guest may (h) —— at out residence for a longer period. During their stay,(i)—short or long the (j)—takes care of his guest.

Ans: (a) famous/known (b) condition (c) generous/rich (d) foreigner (e) tradition (f) visits (g) entertained (h) stay (i) either (j) most

  1. The economy of a country largely (a) —— on its population. But if it (b) —— rapidly. The standard of living in the country declines. Because the increasing population eats (c) ——- the additional growth of (d) —— economy. Nevertheless the population of country (e) —– her man power and is (f) —— resource that (g) ——- a vital role in her economic sphere. Without adequate human resource the other resources of the country will (h) —— under-utilized and to hat extent her economic development will remain unsatisfactory. A large population (i) —— rise to large demand in manufactured goods. At the same time it can meet that demand by engaging itself in increasing productive (j) —–.

Ans: (a) depends (b) grows (c) up (d) the (e) is (f)  an  (g) plays (h) be (i) causes (j) capacity

  1. The Eskimos are the most widely (a) —— group in the world still leading partly(b) —— way of life. They live in a (c) —— that spans more than 35,00 miles,(d) —— Greenland, the northern fringe of North America and a (e) —— of eastern Siberia. Eskimos are racially distinct from American Indians. They are most closely (f) —— to the Mongolian people of eastern Asia. The Eskimos (g) —— adapted themselves to cold, harsh (h) —— because of their highly inventive skill. They would make (i) —— from almost anything and everything. The most spend the winter in tents in a larger settlement and then (j) —— during summer.

Ans: (a) spread (b) aboriginal (c) region (d) including (e) part (f) related (g) successfully (h) climate (i) inventive (j) things

  1. The plane touched down at Katmandu Tribhuvan airport. Masum was no more (a) ——. He was (b) ——- to see what was outside. The door of the plan (c) ——. Everybody stood in a (d) ——– and slowly started to walk towards the airport. The cabin crew (e) ——- every passenger for traveling with Bangladesh Biman. Neela , Becky and Masum took their hand (f) ——- and walked forward. They looked around with (g) —— and climbed down the steps. The (h) —— looked like a picture and the high (i) —— range in the background was something Masum had only read about in (j)-.

 Ans: (a) nervous (b) eager (c) opened (d) queue (e) greeted (f) luggage (g) interest (h) airport (i) mountain (j) books

  1. There are three important duties on earth. They (a) —— duty to God, duty to parents and duty to mankind. All these (b) —— duties are important because they(c) —— us to go a long way. Duty to God helps us to be favoured by God. If we are favoured by God, we can (d) —— in life. Duty to parents is (e) —— important because if our parents are (f) —— with us, God will help us to make our life smooth. Duty to mankind is not negligible. We (g) —— be the apple of God’s eyes by (h) —— this last duty. All the great men of the world tried to (i) —— all these duties. So we should (j) —— them to be great.

Ans: (a) are (b) three (c) help (d) succeeded (e) also (f) pleased (g) can (h) performing (i) perform (j) follow

  1. Though Bangladesh is not a (a) —— country. Too many people live (b) ——, because most of its lands(c) —— fertile and plain. The monsoon causes (d) —— rainfall. The country is crisis-crossed by many (e) —–. The country looks very beautiful (f)—there are green trees and green crops (g) ——. Sometimes they are (h) ——. Then life becomes very difficult and (i) —— need boats for (j) ——.

Ans: (a) big (b) here (c) are (d) heavy (e) river (f) because (g) everywhere (h) under (i) people (j) movement            

  1. Through everybody (a) —— freedom (b) —— choice, thinking expressing opinion (c) —— working, he has a peaceful society. Every man (h) —— the social responsibility and (i) ——- every person of (j) ——- society obeys it. It has also helped him to (j) —— beautiful things. Ans: (a) loves (b) of (c) and (d) by (e) regulations (f) equal (g) people (h) has (i) if (j) our               
  2. Time and tide (a) —– for none. Time goes on and (b) —–. None can get it (c) —–. A man can regain his (d) —– money and health but cannot get back his lost time. Time once lost is lost for (e) ——. So, we (f) —– utilize our time. We must do our work (g) ——- if we put off our work for (h) ——. We may not get time to do it at all. There are some people (i) —— waste of time for nothing. They can (j) —– succeeded in life.

Ans: (a) waits (b) on (c) back (d) lost (e) ever (f) should (g) properly (h) tomorrow (i) who (j) not

  1. Truth reigns in the world always. False wood may be (b) —— for the time being, it loses sooner or (c) ——-. Those who are engaged in preaching the truth are (d) —– by the people. Those who feel interested to tell lies can never shine in life. They may prosper seemingly, they cannot be (e) —— it for all the time. Socrates throughout his life, was (f) —— in preaching the truth. He tried to make people (g) —– and know what was (h) —— for them. He was troubled by the people .In spite of it, he never stopped (i) —– good things. We should (j) —— him.

Ans: (a) prevailed (b) later (c) respected (d) maintain (e) honored (f) encourage (g) good (h) troubled  (i) doing (j) follow

  1. Without effort there can be no (a) —— in life. Life (b) —— its interest if there is no struggle. Games become dull, of there is no (c) —— in them and if the result can be easily (d) ——. No matter we win the game of lose it the keener the contest, the greater the (e) ——. A victory is not a (f) —— triumph unless both sides are equally (g) ——-. Whether we like it or not, life is one kind of (h) —— competitive exam. It is not a bed of (i) ——-. Here only the fittest can (j) ——-.

Ans: (a) progress (b) losses (c) competition (d) seen (e) enjoyment (f) real (g) matched for (h) continuous (i) roses (j) survive

  1. Everybody knows that food (a) —– is a crime. Adulterated food is poisonous and it (b) —– fatal diseases. People (c) —— this kind of food fall a (d) —— to liver diseases, cancer, kidney failure and so (e) —-. Some businessmen who are unscrupulous and running (f) ——money only do this (g) —– work. They thrive on the (h) —- of others .The citizens have to die a (i) —— death. Men, women, boys, girls, children and all are (j) —— killed without any reason.

Ans: (a) adulteration (b) causes (c) eating (d) victim (e) on (f) after (g) terrible (h) miseries (i) unnatural (j) actually 

  1. Most libraries are (a) —— a systematic way that (b) —— it possible to (c) —— any book quite (d) —–. All of the books in a library are organized into (e) —— or classes and then arranged (f) —— within their class. There are two systems (g) —— organizing books in a library. One is called the (h) —— Decimal System and the other is known as the library of the (i) —— System. Most of the libraries (j) —— the Dewy Decimal System.

(a) arranged (b) makes (c) locate (d) easily (e) categories (f) alphabetically (g) for (h) dewy (i) congress (j) follow

  1. Most of our country (a) —— from poverty. They can hardly keep body and (b) ——together. So, poverty is a great (c) —— in our country. However, this problem is a (d) —— of our own. Again there are many (e) —– who do not work (f) —— to change their condition. They are very averse to (g) ——. But they blame their lot. They do not know that industry is the (h) —— to success. People say that one idle brain is the (i) ——- workshop. So, we should work hard (j) ——- prosper in life.

Ans: (a) suffer (b) soul (c) problem (d) creation (e) people (f) hard (g) work (h) key (i) devil’s (j) to                                                                                   

  1. A student (a) —— the habit of thinking about something by himself as no one has ever become great by (b) —— others blindly. When his teacher says something, he should (c) —— to understand it, he should (d) —— about it in his own way. If he does not (e) —— with the teacher on any point, he should boldly (f) —— so to the teacher. A good teacher will never be (g) —— at it. He will rather be glad to (h) —— such an intelligent student in his class. A student should think about the lesson and then (j) —— to memory if necessary.

Answer: (a) have (b) copying (c) try (d) think (e) agree (f) say (g) annoyed (h) have (i) understanding (j) keep

  1. Road accidents are daily (a) —— in modern city life. Every year thousands of people die and many more are (b) —— in road accidents. So steps to check road accidents need top (c) ——. The increasing volumes of traffic should be (d) ——. New roads should be (e) —— in cities and towns. Reckless driving should be dealt with (f) —— punishment. Defective vehicles must not be (g) —— to ply on the roads. Driving license should be given (h) —— of specific (i) —— of driving (j) ——.

Ans: (a) phenomenon/occurrences (b) injured/wounded (c) priority (d) controlled (e) made/constructed/built (f) exemplary/severe (g) allowed/permitted (h) view (i) fitness (j) skill

  1. Environment plays a (a) —— role in our life. To make our surrounding suitable there is no (b) —— of planting trees. Tree plantation provides fruits, woods, medicine and (c) ——. For the (d) —— of trees, cultivable land becomes barren. The source of rain is (e) ——. As trees help to (f) —— the balance of our environment. We should (g) —— all to plant more trees. If one cuts (h) ——, he should plant two. Trees are also the (i) —— of income. So we must be (j) —— to plan more and more tree.

Ans: (a) vital (b) alternate (c) foods (d) lack (e) decreasing (f) maintain (g) inspire (h) one (i) source (j) conscious

  1. Nature has given her (a) —— to us more generously (b) —— many other countries of the world. Think about out (c) ——. It is soft and (d) ——. Out farmers who have (e) —— simple handmade tools can (f) —— dig, plough and prepare the soil with them. Whereas (g) —— which is (h) —— and rocky cannot be so easily dug, ploughed and (i) —— we have a great natural advantages too. We can (j) —— most of our lands.

Answer: (a) given (b) than (c) land (d) fertile (e) only (f) easily (g) soil (h) hard (i) prepared (j) cultivate

  1. War is a (a) —— to human civilization. In older days war was (b) —— to be warriors. But today all people being civilians have to suffer the (c) —— of war. Nobody can (d) —— from the bombers of the (e) ——. Rich cities, fields (f) —— with green corns and beautiful places are (g) —— to ruins. Even the (h) —— children have to die as a (i) ——. Men women, boys, girl, children all are killed without any (j) —–.

Answer: (a) curse (b) confined (c) curse (d) escape (e) enemy (f) fill (g) lead (h) innocent (i) war (j) reason

  1. Civility means polite (a) —— or modesty. It also (b) —— courteous manner. It is a great virtue (c) —— a man. To be well behaved or good manner we (d) —— spend money or wealth. We have to (e) —— willingness to attain civility. We have to (f) —— some code of conduct and (g) —— norms of etiquette of the society. It (h) —— varies from society to society. However one has to (i) —— good manners in one’s character from an early age. No expenditure (j) —— consciousness is required.

 Answer: (a) behavior (b) means (c) in (d) need not (e) have (f) follow (g) learn (h) sometimes (i) form (j) but

  1. The (a) —— of a nation is not an easy matter. It (b) —— upon the selfless and noble (c) —— of some worthy sons of the (d) ——. They worthy sons of the (d) ——. They work without rest and often (e) —— praise. While most of the (f) —— are busy with their (g) —— name and comfort, these (h) —— persons live and die to (i) —— the life of their fellow (j) —— richer and happier.

Ans: (a) progress (b) depends (c) deeds (d) country (e) ignores (f) persons (g) own (h) dedicated (i) make (j) easier

  1. Illiteracy is an (a) —— to progress. A nation cannot (b) —— if most of its people are illiterate. The (c) —— do not know about their own life. So we should (d) —— our mentality. We should (e) —— away illiteracy and poverty from the (f) —— in this regards the government should take proper steps to (g) —— the problem. The government as well as the (h) —— people should (i) —— to spreads the light of education. If we work together. Illiteracy will not (j) —— stay.

Ans: (a) obstacle (b) prosper (c) illiterate (d) change (e) drive (f) from (g) proper (h) literate (i) come (j) long

  1. Student life is the golden season of life. This is the time when we should prepare ourselves for future. The very habits formed in the student life influenced the later phases of life. Student should have a (a) —– life. Right (b) —– the student life they (c) —— be careful in (d) —— discipline. It is true that (e) —— success of life depends (f) —— discipline and perseverance. He (g) —— does not have (h) —— discipline in life cannot succeed (i) —– where in life. So, everybody should be (j) —— about it.

Answer: (a) planned (b) from (c) should (d) maintaining (e) real (f) on (g) who (h) followed (i) any (j) car

  1. Hospitality has long (a) —— a part of our culture in Bangladesh. (b) —— many other things (c) —— changing now. People are still quite polite and friendly (d) —— foreigners. They like (e) —— to foreigners even if they (f) —— not been introduced. It is quiet common for Bangladeshis to (g) —— personal questions about family, jobs and income which visitors from (h) —— might find awkward. However, it should be (i) —— that no harm is (j) —— by such questions.

Ans: (a) been (b) though (c) are (d) with (e) talking (f) had (g) ask (h) overseas (i) known (j) done

  1. Bangladesh (a) —— in the active Earthquake (b) —–. It is a (c) —— natural disaster. It has occurred in the country (d) —— times during recent years. If a (e) —— earthquake occurs in Dhaka city (f) —— will happen unthinkable. So, experts are paying more (g) —— to the issue of earthquakes in (h) —— times. People should be (i) —— and careful about earthquake in the capital city to (j) —— the loss of it occurs.

 Ans: (a) is/lies (b) zone (c) serious/dangerous  (d) many/several (e) serious (f) what (g) attention (h) recent (i) alert (j) reduce

  1. As mothers, women play an important (a) —— in building the character of their children. There is a proverb in (b) —— that the hand that rocks the (c) —— rules the world. The role of women in making a home (d) —— is great (e) —— as mothers (f) ——, as wives they expert great influence in the family. If a wife is properly (g) —— she can manages the family (h) —— A good housewife is an (i) —— She (j) —— the burden of her husband.

Ans: (a) role (b) fact (c) cradle (d) happy (e) wives (f) family (g) educated (h) well (i) ideal (j) shares