Seen Passage(1-2)


  1. Bangladesh is blessed with huge inland
  2. The term ‘diaspora’ is used
  3. Manned Mission to Mars
  4. Beauty is easy to appreciate
  5. A most important truth
  6. After the assemblys session
  7. Chawla was born in karnal
  8. Coleridges” poem a ballad
  9. Chawla”s first space mission
  10. I am in a tiny steel cage attached
  11. I stand before you today with
  12. In the bengali language there
  13. Mandela went on to play a prominent
  14. Nelson mandela guided South Africa
  15. Tertiary education in Bangladesh
  16. The assembly has been called into session
  17. The history of bengal is the history
  18. The years Mandela spent behind bars
  19. Universities should never be made into
  20. Valentina Tereshkova
  21. When you are in the driving seat of a car