Affirmative to negative and vice versa, Assertive to interrogative and vice versa

Assertive to Interrogative and vice versa

Ways of changing Interrogative from Assertive

Assertive Interrogative
1.       Sub + verb + ext. Auxiliary verb + n’t + sub +ext +?

Auxiliary verb + n’t + sub + verb +ext +?

2.       Sub+auxiliary verb+not+ verb+ext. Auxiliary verb + sub + verb +ext +?
3.       Everybody/everyone/all

4.      Every/all + noun

Who + auxiliary verb + n’t + verb + ext+?

Is there any+noun+who +auxiliary verb+n’t +verb +ext+?

5.       Nobody/none/no one

6.      Nothing




Main word Opposite   Main word Opposite
never ever/always   nobody anybody
no any   no one anyone
nothing anything   sometimes often


Turn assertive sentences into interrogative and vice versa
a. Ass: They are fond of watching “Twenty-twenty“ cricket.

Int: Aren’t they fond of watching “Twenty-twenty“ cricket?

We are proud of our freedom fighters. It is the duty of us to educate the literate. You can be happy without it. He is a good man. Man is mortal. The policemen are different. The old sailor had a sane look. Oli is a reasonable man. The executives were not unkind people. The orphanage boys were not unhealthy. I shall not forget you. John was not a dishonest boy. He is not my friend. They are unhappy. He can live in his own house. He can succeed in life. One can be succeeded in without it. It is raining. The child is going to school. Prevention is better than cure. I will remind you. I have not taken my revenge. He did not give me a glass of milk. The contractor did not finish the work in one day. He does not go to office at 9 o’clock. She does not speak English fluently. They did not arrive in the morning. He does not call his mother every day. Shyam did not pass the test. Seraj was not afraid of it.

b. Ass: My mother works at a bank.

Int: Doesn’t my mother work at a bank?

Supty sings really well. Martin gets along with his brother-in-law. My sister lives with my parents. She likes vegetables. It prevails in every walk of our life. I get up early in the morning. I like reading Read more. The students want to visit the smithy. We eat to live. I know the answer. I want to leave now. The books of great writers contain noble thoughts and great ideas. My friend invited me to pay a visit to Cox’s Bazar. She passed her time in reading and writing. He inherited vast property from his father and sister. The master enquired of the missing leg. He felt very helpless. He rejected the proposal. I bought a pen. The boy killed the spider with his shoe. She recognized him at once. He apologized for his conduct. Everyday many people go to visit it.

c. Int: Does father read much?

Ass: Father doesn’t read much.

Have they promised to pay higher wages? Didn’t her performance in that movie win her? Wouldn’t she be able to go? Will he forget that experience? Was she not a stupid to do that? Can a leopard change its spots? Is your house ready for visitors? Have you brushed your teeth today? Is this your jacket? Are you going? Do you know my friend? Is not poverty a curse? Do you know me? Have you learnt your lesson today? Have you seen the man who came to visit yesterday? Can I take your pen? Will you go to college today? Did you see the accident? Did you go to college yesterday? Can you draw a picture of a tree? Didn’t he look at the pictures? Don’t my mother and grandmother go to market every day? Will you listen to such a fool? Doesn’t my friend write short stories? Does he know how to knit? Didn’t he dare to challenge me?


 Never = always/ ever,                          no = any                  often = sometimes              

Just escape not from the sentence

Ass: It was always exciting in an alarming way.

Int: Was it never exciting in an alarming way?

Ass: It is of no use now. 

Int: Is it of any use now?

He always gets up early. I will never forget this day. She never followed the wrong path. I have no money. There is no room in the bench. He has no money. They often come here. I sometimes read book. He has no tension. He is always late. He is never absent in the class. There is no room in the bench. There glory can never fade. They had never been anywhere else overnight together. I’ve never thought about it before. He always claimed me. The flies never trouble me. I never saw such small pigs before. She always makes our clothes. We can always count on. You always have a high opinion of yourself. I always pictured myself. You’ve always taken care of us. He is never late to attend his classes. Their contribution will always be remembered. They are always sincere to their duties. We always remember their memories. He is always punctual to attend his classes. But he is always active. He is never independent without his employer. He always eats one thing. An honest man never tells a lie. You have never seen it before. I know nothing about it. There is nothing better than honesty. It is of no use now.  It was nothing but deceit. There is no hope for me if you do not come.

Int: Do you ever drink coffee?

Ass: You never drink coffee.

Have you ever been to Paris? Have you ever been to America?  Do you ever go cycling? Are your shoes never on? Did you always eat lunch yet? Was the movie always enjoyable? Did the girls never get to school on time? Were you always too late? Would you never like cookies or a banana for dessert? Do you always think a little longer? Will you ever be home soon? Do you ever want to go there? Did you never see her? Have you ever watched the movie? Have you ever been there before? Can you always help me get rid of this dog? Can I always borrow your grammar book for a day? Could you never help me with these bags? Do you never know who she is? Did you never make a plan?


Everybody/Everyone Who + auxiliary verb + n’t+ verb+ext+?
Nobody/No one/None Who+ verb+ext+?
Nothing What+ verb+ext+?
a. Ass: Everybody likes flower.

Int: Who doesn’t like flower?

Everybody knew this. Everybody respects a truthful person. Everybody knows about the Royal Bengal Tigers of the Sundarbans. Everybody works hard to gain his object. Everybody believed that education is the back bone of a nation. Everybody likes his magic spell. Everybody loves him. Everybody can be conscious of his health. Everybody supported the freedom fighters. Everyone can prosper in life with industry. Everyone was present there. Everybody has some desire. Everyone must die. Everyone has completed the job. Everyone would like to be rich. All love his motherland. All help me. All must die.

b. Ass: None could count my love for you.

Int: Who could count my love for you?

No one likes him. Nobody can escape death. None can save you. Nobody will help him. No one is absent. None has done it. None could count my love for you. No one likes him. Nobody can escape death. None could answer the question. Nobody has touched it. None should deny the truth. No one can bear an unprovoked insult. Nobody can trust such a liar.

c. Int: Who does not know that two and two makes four?

Ass: Everybody knows that two and two makes four.

Int: Who can do the work?

Ass: Nobody can do the work.

Who doesn’t live in society? Who doesn’t need pure air? Who didn’t help me? Who does not wish to be happy? Who does not believe in God? Who will solve this problem? Who is perfect? Who will drive the car? Who will save you now? Who can do the work? Who has broken the chair? Who has broken the plate? Who told you this? Who will drive the car? Who knows you? Who did it? Who is telling the lies? Who was selling mangoes? Who has made the holes? Who could say the answer? Who will send the mail? Who would not like to be rich? Who does not wish to be happy? Who does not believe in God? Who will solve this problem? Who is perfect? Who wants to save the world? Who came here in the morning? Who knows the answer? Who is knocking at the door? Who could possibly mind the smell?

Ass: Nothing can happen.

Int: What can happen?

Ass: Friendship is nothing but a name.

Int: What is friendship but a name?

Ass: Anger is nothing but a vice.

Int: What is anger but a vice?

Nothing can revive this worse situation. Nothing comes or goes.  Nothing is certain. Nothing remains certain. Nothing terrible has happened. Nothing was done. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is certain. Everything looked beautiful. Something should be done. Nothing can concern you. Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing is impossible in this world. Nothing can satisfy him. Nothing comes of goes. Nothing is wrong.  Nothing’s moving.  Nothing was wrong.  Nothing will happen.  Nothing’s changed.  Nothing’s missing. Nothing’s working.  Nothing is so necessary. Nothing seems to grow in this soil. Nothing is working. Nothing remains certain. Nothing was done. Nothing happened. Nothing more was said. Nothing’s broken.  Nothing’s there. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing was funny. Nothing was taken. Nothing came up. Nothing can force me to give it up. Nothing is certain in this world. Nothing is certain.

 Exceptional Rules

Assertive Interrogative
a.       Every moment is important. Which moment is not important?
b.       It is no use wasting time. Why waste time?
c.       Fair words are of no avail in times of danger. Of what avail are fair words in times of danger?
d.       There is no use of this statue. What is the use of this statue?
e.       It does not matter if you fail in the exam.

It matters little if you fail in the exam.

What though if you fail in the exam?
f.        Nowhere in the world you will find a mountain peak higher than Everest. Where in the world will you find a mountain peak higher than Everest?