Articles Exercises for JSC


Fill in the gaps of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross for zero articles. 0.5×6 =3

  1. Patriotism is a noble (a) — virtue. It inspires (b) — man to shed last drop of blood to defend the freedom of his country. (c) man without patriotism is no better than (d) — beast. (e) — true patriot thinks for (f) — welfare of his country.

Answer-1: (a) ×; (b) a; (c) A; (d) a; (e) A; (f) the.

  1. English is (a) — international language. It is spoken all over (b) — world. So the importance of (c) — English cannot be described in words. All (d) — books of higher education are written in English. Today organizations need employees who can speak and write (e) — standard form of (f) — English.

Answer-2: (a) an; (b) the; (c) ×; (d) the; (e) a; (f) ×

  1. Every woman is (a)  potential mother. (b)  future of a child depends on how it is brought up. In this case (c)  educated mother plays (d)  important role. She can bring a child up better than (e)  illiterate mother. Is it necessary to tell how important it is to educate (f)  mother?

Answer- 3:

(a) a; (b) The; (c) an; (d) an; (e) an; (f) a.

  1. Tamzid is (a) __ university student. He studies at (b) __ Jahangirnagar University. His best friend is Bijoy. Bijoy studies at Dhaka University. He is one of (c)  talented students of (d)  university. Every teacher loves him. Tamzid hails from (e)  Jhenaidah whereas Bijoy is from Chuadanga. They are the live example of true friendship. Whenever one friend falls in danger, (f)  other friend comes forward to help.

Answer- 4:

(a) a; (b) ×; (c) the; (d) the; (e) ×; (f) the.


(a)  name of my father is Sheikh Khaled. He is (b)  M.A. in English. He works for (c)  private organization. He has been working there for last twelve years. His main job is to deal with the customers of (d)  organization. He can speak (e)  English fluently and so, he deals with the foreign customers. He is (f)  honest and sincere to his work.

Answer- 4: a) The; b) an; c) a; d) the; e) ×; f) ×;

I am Nishi. I am (a)  thirteen years old. I am in class eight. My father is (b)  engineer. My mother is (c)  teacher. I have one brother and one sister. They both go to (d)  school. I have some friends in school and (e)  neighbourhood. Of them, Soheli is my best friend. She (f)  often comes to my house and plays with me.

Answer- 5: a) ×; b) an; c) a; d) ×; e) ×; f) ×;


My name is Shayaan. I live in Mymensingh. (a)  name of my school is Baghmara Bidyaniketon School. I am in class eight. Our School starts at 11:15 a.m. and finishes at 4:30 p.m. I am at (b)  day shift. There is also (c)  morning shift in our school. I am studying Bangla, (d)  English, Math, Social Science, General Science and Religious Studies. I go to (e)  school on foot and return home by rickshaw. I like our school very much because (f) teachers are very friendly.

Answer- 6: a) the; b) the; c) a; d) ×; e) ×; f) the.

My name is Anima Afrin. I live in (a)  apartment in Dhaka. The name of my school is Shaheed Police Smriti School and College. I am in (b)  class eight. I go to school by (c)  auto-rickshaw and return home by (d)  school bus. The teachers of my school are very friendly and (e)  honest. They always tell us to be sincere and dutiful. We have a big playground in (f)  school campus. I like my school very much.

Answer- 7: a) an; b) ×; c) ×; d) ×; e) ×; f) the.


Mr Ahmed Faruque is (a)  honourable teacher in our school. He teaches us Bangla. He wakes up very early in (b)  morning and comes to school at 7 (c)  sharp. His integrity and truthfulness is well-known to all. Apart from his subject, he teaches us (d)  morality, principles and ethics. I am proud to be (e)  student of such (f)  esteemed and honest person.

Answer- 8: a) an; b) the; c) ×; d) ×; e) a; f) an.

Sadek is a poor boy. He is (a)  JSC candidate. Today is (b)  last date of paying exam fee. But he does not have enough money. He goes to his uncle’s house at (c)  eleventh hour. His uncle is (d)  esteemed person. He is (e)  ex-professor of a reputed college. He is always ready to help his (f)  nephew.

Answer- 9: a) a; b) the; c) the; d) an; e) an; f) ×.

Have you seen (a)  ant? It is (b)  active and hardworking insect. (c)  ants work as a team. During summer, they collect their food and store them. In (d)  winter, they don’t come out of their stored food. We see (e)  example of unity in them. So, we should learn to be (f)  united.

Answer- 10: a) an/×; b) an; c) ×; d) ×; e) the; f) ×.

A true friend is (a)  asset. He stands by his friend in (b)  time of danger. He is not a greedy person. He always wishes for (c) __ welfare of his friend. But it is (d)  matter of fact that (e)  ideal friend is very rare today. Do you have (f)  friend who can be termed as an ideal one?

Answer- 11: a) an; b) ×; c) the; d) a; e) an; f) a.


Last night, it was raining cats and dogs. I was returning home from my office by (a)  bus. After getting down from (b)  bus, I searched for (c)  shelter, But unfortunately, I did not find such place. I wish I had (d)  umbrella . Actually, I had it with me. Few days ago, I lost it from my (e)  office. (f)  umbrella was brought from Thailand by my uncle. It was nice and beautiful.

Answer- 12: a) ×; b) the; c) a; d) an; e) x; f) The.


My mother is (a)  very religious . She always advises me to follow (b)  path of truth and honesty. She bears (c)  good moral character. She is very kind to (d)  poor. She is (e)  ideal housewife. I love her (f)  very much.

Answer- 13: a) ×; b) the; c) a; d) the; e) an; f) ×.


My elder brother is (a)  engineer. He works in Dhaka . Last summer he asked me to stay (b)  few days with him. He sent me a plane (c)  ticket. That was my first journey by (d)  air. I arrived at (e)  airport about (f)  hour before the flight.

Answer- 14: a) an; b) a; c) ×; d) ×; e) the; f) an.


Mr. Patrick is (a)  European. As he is (b)  Englishman, he knows (c)  English very well. He is (d)  honourable man to everyone. He is (e)  younger of the two brothers. His father is an Englishman too but his mother is (f)  French.

Answer- 15: a) a; b) an; c) ×; d) an; e) the; f) a


Since Bangladesh is land of rivers it is (a)  easy to make a journey by boat. Whenever I get (b)  opportunity I try make (c)  best use of the opportunity. When I (d)  journey, my heart leaps with (e)  joy. It is always pleasant and (f)  instructive.

Answer- 16: a) ×; b) an; c) the; d) ×; e) ×; f) ×.


(a)  ant is an industrious (b)  insect. No other insect is as industrious as (c)  ant. If we open (d)  pages of history, we will see that (e)  men who have become great in (f)  world were industrious.

Answer- 17: a) the; b) ×; c) an; d) the; e) the; f) the.


Money cannot buy (a)  happiness. Money is (b)  must for our life. But it is not necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (c)  psychological thing. It is (d)  name of (e)  feeling. It means contentment. He, who is satisfied with what he gets and contented with his life is really (f)  happy man.

Answer- 18: a) ×; b) a; c) a; d) the; e) a; f) a.

Mr. Karim is an English (a)  teacher. He is (b)  M.A. in English. He serves in (c)  ideal institution. He tries to lead (d)  honest life . He is (e)  most favourite teacher (f)  to the students.

Answer-19 : a) ×; b) an; c) an; d) an; e) the; f)×.

Mobile phone is (a)  wonder of modern technology. It has created (b)  new era in modern civilization. It has brought (c)  world closer. We can send (d)  messages, play games, take snaps and even compose (e)  music through mobile phone. It has become (f)  part and parcel of our life.

Answer- 20: a) a; b) a; c) the; d) ×; e) ×; f)a.

Ha-du-du is (a)  very popular game in Bangladesh. It is (b)  outdoor game. Ha-du- du requires (c)  small play ground. (d)  ground is divided into two equal (e)  parts. A line is drawn across (f)  middle of the field.

Answer- 21: a) a; b) an; c) a; d) The; e)×; f) the.

James Norman Hall was (a)  American writer. He wrote (b)  interesting story that took place between him and (c)  farmer. He rented (d)  one roomed house. It was away from (e)  town. He was doing (f)  interesting writing there.

Answer- 22: a) an; b) an; c) a; d) a; e) the; f) an.

 objective of education is not only to pass the exam and get (b)  job but also to acquire knowledge and widen (c)  third eye. (d)  student should realize (e)  fact. Otherwise his education will be (f)  incomplete one.

Answer- 23: (a) The; (b) a; (c) the; (d) A; (e) the; (f) an.

Bangladesh is (a)  land of rivers. She is in fact criss-crossed by (b)  numerous rivers. These rivers play (c)  important role in various sectors. Really they are very useful to (d)  overall development of the country. The rivers we have are full to (e)  brim in the rainy season. But in winter they take (f)  shabby look.

Answer- 24: (a) a; (b) ×; (c) an; (d) the; (e) the; (f) a.

Energy is (a)__ life blood, so to say of (b) __ civilized society. The richer (c) __ country in energy resources, (d) __ greater is its progress and prosperity. Bangladesh is (e) __ undeveloped country. The reason is that it has (f) __ poor energy resource.

Answer-25: (a) a; (b) the; (c) the; (d) the; (e) an; (f) a.

Electronic mail is (a) __ modern method of instant delivery of letters without involvement of a postman. In this (b) __ system of mailing, messages are sent with the help of a computer. In the electronic mail system, a letter or any other document is typed and edited on (c) __ computer. It is then sent to (d) __ addressee through a computer network in (e) __ form of electronic signals. (f) __ addressee may be anywhere in the world.

Answer-26: (a) a; (b) x; (c) a; (d) the; (e) the; (f) The.


27. In Bangladesh (a) rural person who cultivates (b)  land is known as a farmer. In most cases, he is (c)  illiterate man. He learns farming from his ancestors. He goes out early in (d)  morning and works all day long. He produces food for (e)  others but his family often starves. (f)  majority of our farmers are landless.

Answer-27: a) the; b) the; c) an; d) the; e) x; f) The.

28. The pied piper went to (a)  street. He took out (b)  pipe from his pocket. Then he began to play (c)  uncommon tune. (d)  rats from every house came out tumbling . (e)  piper moved along the streets. It is (f)  matter of wonder that the rats blindly followed him.

Answer-28: a) the; b) a; c) an; d) The; e) The; f) a.

29. Jamil’s school wanted to introduce (a)  debating club. So, the teachers gave him (b)  responsibility of (c)  organizing the club. He was known as (d)  organizer. He tried to find out students who were interested in debating. He went to every class when (e)  teacher was not there and shouted. He found (f)  good number of students who were interested in debating.

Answer-29: a) a; b) the; c) ×; d) an; e) the; f) a.


30. Sharrafi determined to do well in (a)  exam. So, he began to work hard. But he was not a healthy boy. So, he was suffering (b)  lot. He decided to consult a doctor. He made (c)  appointment and met the doctor. The doctor was very (d)  busy. He asked Sharrafi what his problem was. Sharrafi replied that he was not in good condition. He ate (e)  good quantity of balanced diet but he felt uneasy. The doctor advised him to take (f)  complete rest.

Answer-30: a) the; b) a; c) an; d) ×; e) a; f)×;


31. The night before (a)  examination is one of (b)  anxieties to almost all examinees. (c)  degree of panic and anxiety depends on (d)  strength of their preparation and (e)  physical constitution. (f)  examinee should be mentally sound.

Answer-31: a) an; b) ×; c) The; d) the; e) ×; f) An.


32. (a)  literate man is an asset to an undeveloped country. He can teach the ignorant (b) unique matter without facing (c)  obstruction. For this there is difference between (d)  educated and an uneducated person. The role played by (e)  learned is beyond description. For (f)  greater interest of the country, we should be literate.

Answer-32: a) A; b) a; c) an; d) an; e) the; f) the.

33. My friend, Sujana lives in (a)  old house in (b)  small village. There is (c)  beautiful garden behind (d)  house. I would like to have (e)  garden like that. They grow different types of flowers in (f)  garden.

Answer-33: (a) an; (b) a; (c) a; (d) the; (e) a; (f) the.

34. The population of a country is (a)  asset, but it becomes (b)  problem when the country can’t afford to provide her people with (c)  basic needs of life. Bangladesh is (d)  country having (e)  area of 1,47,570 square kilometers. A good number of her people are dependent on (f)  agriculture.

Answer-34: (a)an; (b)a; (c) the; (d) a; (e) an; (f) ×.

35. Dhaka is (a)  old town. It stands on (b)  bank of the Buriganga. (c)  large number of big buildings have been constructed here. (d)  beauty of Dhaka city has been increased for the parks as well. Many good roads and streets have also been constructed. (e)  Dhaka Museum is worth seeing. But the people living in the city have to face (f)  good number of problems.

Answer-36: (a) an; (b) the; (c) A; (d) The; (e) ×; (f)a.

36. Sports are not only a matter of entertainment but also an important aspect of the development of (a)  global relationship. (b)  sports venue is a meeting place of people from different countries. They can come closer to one another and express their views and (c)  opinions. They create (d)  sense of brotherhood among them. Thus, they develop a global relationship, which is (e)  effective way of globalization. Most of (f)  people of our country are fond of sports.

Answer-35: (a) ×; (b) The; (c) ×; (d) a; (e) an; (f) the.

37. Our school is (a)  suitable place of taking (b)  part in co-curriculum activities. In (c)  each week competitions are arranged in (d)  auditorium of our school. Our teachers motivate us in (e)  participating in different programmes. (f)  active role can encourage some other schools to participate in the competitions.

Answer-37: (a) a; (b) ×; (c) ×; (d) the; (e) ×; (f) An.

38. Our life is (a)  sum total of hours, days and years. But all the days are not equally memorable to us. Most of (b)  days are forgotten with (c)  passage of time. Only (d)  few days remain ever fresh in our memory. My first day at school is such (e)  amusing day. I will keep the memory of the day in (f)  core of my heart forever.

Answer-38: (a) a; (b) the; (c) the; (d) a; (e) an; (f) the.

39. (a) — ordinary garment worker in our country leads (b) — very poor life. She goes to her office on foot. Sometimes, she gets on (c) — crowded bus. She is (d) — object of others pity. She does not work in a congenial (e) — atmosphere. (f) — concerning authority should take some steps to upgrade their lifestyle.

Answer-39: (a) An; (b) a; (c) a; (d) an; (e) ×; (f) The.


40. Robinson Crusoe was (a) — sailor. He was banished on (b) — island. He gathered the bitterest (c) — experience of living (d) — isolated life. Man cannot lead (e) — solitary life because he is a social being. Banishment is (f) — capital punishment for a human being.

Answer-40: a) a; (b) an; (c) ×; (d) an; (e) a; (f) the.

41. Money cannot buy (a) — happiness. But it is true that money is (b) — must for our daily life. To survive on (c) — earth, we have to have money. But we must earn it in (d) — honest way. (e) — man who wants to live from hand to mouth also needs money. So, it is said that (f) — rich are not always happy.

Answer-41: (a) ×; (b) a; (c) ×; (d) an; (e) The; (f) the.

42. (a) — few days back, (b) — honorable man paid a visit to our (c) — area. (d) — platform was built in (e) — open field. (f) — honorable man stayed with us the whole day and then started for the city.

Answer-42: (a) A; (b) an; (c) ×; (d) A; (e) an; (f) The.

43. After summer comes (a) — rainy season. People heave (b) — sigh of relief. (c) — sky is overcast with clouds and (d) — sun cannot be seen for hours. Rivers are full to (e) — brim. The rainy season is both a blessing and (f) — curse.

Answer-43: (a) the; (b) a; (c) The; (d) the; (e) the; (f) a.

44. (a) The 16th December is a red-letter day in (a) — history of Bangladesh. On this day, we achieved victory at the cost of (b) — bloody war, Bangladesh came into being as (c) — independent country. It occupied a place in the world map. Every year we observe (d) — day with due solemnity. We remember (e) — supreme sacrifice of our heroic sons. The day is a public holiday and the national flag is hoisted on the top of each house. It is (f) — memorable day in our national life.

Answer-44: (a) the; (b) a; (c) an; (d) the; (e) the; (f) a.

45. Every student wants to do better in the examination. But it is not (a) — easy task. (b) — student has to do something for this , From (c) — very beginning, he must be very serious. He should read (d) — texts again and again. He must not make (e) — notes from a common source. He must follow (f) — particular method, which is termed as an advanced one.

Answer-45: (a) an; (b) The; (c) the; (d) the; (e) ×; (f) a.

46. Akbar (a) — great was one of (b) — greatest emperors of India. He was not only a great ruler but also a man of (c) — wisdom. He was the best of all the Mughal rulers. As a result, his name has been written in golden letters in the pages of history. He was (d) — uneducated person. But he had the ability to rule his empire like (e) — expert ruler. (f) — ruler like Akbar is really praiseworthy.

Answer-46: (a) the; (b) the; (c) ×; (d) an; (e) an; (f)A.

47. Traffic jam is a common affair in (a) — big cities and towns. It is one of the major (b) — problems of modern time. (c) — causes of traffic jam are too many to be described. Our (d) — roads are wide enough. Most of (e) — drivers are not willing to abide by the traffic rules. To prevent the traffic jam, (f) — strict law should be enacted immediately.

Answer-47: (a) ×; (b) ×; (c) The; (d) ×; (e) the; (f) a.

48. When you cross (a) — road in Dhaka city and your vehicle gets stuck up in a never ending (b) — jam, every few minutes (c) — boy or a girl comes to you and tries to sell a bunch of (d) — flowers. The boy or girl may be (e) — orphan. (f) — government should take some positive steps to rehabilitate them.

Answer-48: (a) a; (b) ×; (c) a; (d) ×; (e) an; (f) The.

49. Since the creation of the earth, there is a strange relationship between (a) — men and animals. In (b) — recent newspaper article, we read about the Australian swimmer who was saved from (c) — shark by a group of dolphins. When the shark attacked (d) — swimmer, the dolphins chased it away. They saved (e) — swimmer’s life. It is believed, the dolphins that are free in nature live around 40 years. This is indeed (f) — unbelievable incident in the world.

Answer-49: (a) ×; (b) a; (c) a; (d) the; (e) the; (f) an.

50. It is a world of so-called gods, kings and warriors. A world cup played in (a) — Africa has created new facts, new stories, and new passions. Football is (b) — popular game in our country. It is equally exciting to (c) — players and the spectators. It is a foreign (d) — game. It is popular all over (e) — world. Football is rightly proved to be (f) — exciting game.

Answer-50: (a) ×; (b) a; (c) the; (d) ×; (e) the; (f) an.

51. (a) — land of Bangladesh is low. It has many rivers. It is also in (b) — monsoon area. It rains heavily during the monsoon period. So, floods are very common in our (c) — country. (d) — damages done by floods beggar description. Floods do a little good to man. During floods the rivers of our country carry (e) — great deal of earth. (f) ¾ earthquake is equally dangerous in our country.

 Answer-51: (a) The; (b) the; (c) ×; (d) The; (e) a; (f) An.

52. Bangladesh is (a) — small country. It is basically (b) –agricultural country. Many people are (c) ¾ unemployed. (d) –unemployed man leads (e) — miserable life. For the development of the country, employment scopes should be created for (f) — unemployed.

Answer-52: (a) a; (b) an; (c) ×; (d) An; (e) a; (f) the.

53. Mr. Hasan lives in (a) — USA. He is now (b) —  banker there. But in Bangladesh he was (c) –university teacher. His wife is (d) ¾  architect and serves in (e) ¾  multinational company. (f) —  family leads a peaceful life there.

 Answer-53: (a) the; (b) a; (c) a; (d) an; (e) a; (f) The.

 54. Bangladesh is mainly (a) –agricultural country. Once jute was the main cash crop of (b) —  Bangladesh. Jute is (c)–  kind of fiber. (d) — cultivation of jute is not easy. Recently, scientists have invented (e) — ways and means of making one kind of paper from jute. Once, the jute of our country had (f) — international recognition.

Answer-54: (a) an; (b) ×; (c) a; (d) The; (e) the; (f) an.

 55. Imran has an uncle in (a) — Dhaka. He is  (b) –engineer. He works in (c) —  engineering farm. He is (d) —  important figure in (e) —  firm. He is (f) — highly knowledgeable person.

Answer-55: (a) ×; (b) an; (c) an; (d) an;  (e) the; (f) a.


56. I am (a) —  student of Govt. Jubilee High School. (b) —  last prize day of our school was held on 2nd April. We decorated (c) — school building very tastefully. The function started just at (d) — 10 a.m. The DC was in the chair. He also arrived in (e)–  time. The function was (f) —  colourful one.

 Answer-56: (a) a; (b) The; (c) the; (d) ×;  (e) ×; (f) a.

 57. (a) — doctor could not say what was wrong with (b) — king. More doctors were called in. Finally, they said that (c) — king could be healed if he wore (d) — shirt of (e) — happy man. But the king remained (f) –ever unhappy man.

 Answer-57: (a) The; (b) the; (c) the; (d) the; (e) a; (f) an.

58. The room was not very crowded. There were (a)  few seats vacant. Kamal sat on (b)  empty seat. He took (c)  glance at (d)  room around him. (e)  old woman was groaning in a corner. Meanwhile, (f)  doctor on duty came hurriedly and gave her necessary treatment.

Answer-58: (a) a; (b) an; (c) a; (d) the; (e) An; (f) the.

 59. Nowadays, football is (a)  popular game all over the world. It is equally exciting to (b)  players and the spectators. It is a foreign (c)  game. It is played in an open (d)  field. At present, (e)  whole world is attacked with football fever. Football is still (f)  internationally popular game.

Answer-59: (a) a; (b) the; (c) ×; (d) ×; (e) the; (f) an.

 60. (a)  pious man is he who is very much religious. He does not run after name and fame. He is different from (b)  materialistic man, because the religious-minded people are quite different from (c)  people who want to have much wealth. The virtuous believe that there lies (d)  eternal life after death. The greedy people give importance to this world. However (e) virtuous man enjoys mental peace. They may be poor, but they are (f)  happiest men in the world.

Answer-60: (a) A; (b) a; (c) the; (d) an; (e) a; (f) the.

 61. To be (a)  good in English, practice is (b)  must. Those who practice English, can do well in the examination. (c)  main thing which is needed most is (d)  determination. It helps a student have (e)  better result. Though it is (f) international language, it can help us in different ways.

Answer-61: (a) ×; (b) a; (c) The; (d) ×; (e) a; (f)an.

 62. My mother is (a)  very religious. She always advises me to follow (b)  path of truth and honesty. She bears (c)  good moral character. She is very kind to (d)  poor. She is (e)  ideal housewife. She is (f)  excellent cook.

Answer-62: (a) ×; (b)the; (c) a; (d) the; (e) an; (f) an.

63. Mehenaj is (a)  bright student. She is (b)  honours student. She reads in (c)  Dhaka University. Everyday she goes to (d)  university. She is (e)  active girl. She is one of (f)  most brilliant students of the department.

Answer-63: (a) a; (b) an; (c) ×; (d) ×; (e) an; (f) the.

64. (a)  English acquire English as it is their mother tongue; but people all over (b)  world learn it as (c)  foreign language because they consider it (d)  useful key that may open before them the way to (e)  unlimited horizon of prospects. They think English as their (f)  unique possession.

Answer-64: (a) The; (b) the; (c) a; (d) a; (e) an; (f) ×.

65. Yesterday (a)  accident took place near New Market. (b)  car collide with (c)  truck. (d)  one-eyed man was killed. I will never forget (e)  accident. In fact,(f) driver of the truck was solely responsible for the accident.

Answer-65: (a) an; (b) A; (c) a; (d) A; (e) the; (f) the.

66. It was a dark night. A blind man was walking along a road. He held (a)  lamp in his hand. Two men laughed at him. One of them said, “What is (b)  use of a lamp to (c)  blind man?” The other called the blind man a fool. The blind man heard this. He said, (d) “  lamp’s not for me. It is for those people who are careless. They will not see me in darkness.” They felt sorry for their foolishness. We can set (f)  example of humanity by helping a blind man.

Answer-66: (a) a; (b) the; (c) a; (d) The; (e) the; (f) an.

67. Ms Humaira is (a)  M. A. She lives in (b)  USA. She left her family behind. One day she saw a little girl sitting in (c)  park. Seeing the girl (d)  mother rose in her. Then, she thought that return to Bangladesh is (e)  must for her. She was by heart (f)  affectionate mother.

Answer-67: (a) an; (b) the; (c) the; (d) the; (e) a; (f) an.

68. A library is (a)  collection of books of various kinds. (b)  word ‘library’ comes from the Latin word ‘Libre’ which means (c)  book. In the ordinary sense, we know library means (d)  house where books are kept for use by the readers. It is (e)  important temple of wisdom. (f)  British Library is the biggest one in the world.

Answer-68: (a) a; (b) The; (c) a; (d) a; (e) an; (f) The.

69. Yesterday I saw (a)  old man who was very poor and weak, He was standing at (b)  door of (c)  house. It was near (d)  house of my friend living in England. The man asked for (e)  little alms from the inmates of the house. The old man was (f)  honours graduate, but situation compelled him to beg.

Answer-69: (a) an; (b) the; (c) a; (d) the; (e) a; (f) an.

70. ‘You’ll get (a)  shock if you touch (b)  live wire with that screwdriver. Why don’t you get (c)  screwdriver with (d)  insulated handle? (e)  man said. An electric shock may cause (f)  accident.

Answer-70: (a) a; (b) a; (c) the; (d) an; (e) The; (f) an.

71. A few days back, I made (a)  journey by boat on the occasion of autumn (b)  vacation. We hired (c)  big boat. (d)  boatman and the oarsman were very nice. We had our breakfast early in (e)  morning. The day was really (f)  exciting one to me.

Answer-71: (a) a; (b) ×; (c) a; (d) the; (e) the; (f) an.

72. English is (a)-inteational language. It is spoken all over (b)-world. So the importance of (c)-English cannot be described in words. All (d)-books of higher education are written in English. Today organizations need employees who can speak and write (e)-standard form of (f)-English.

Answer: (a) an, (b) the, (c) x (d) the (e) the (e) x

 73. Once I went to (a)-mango orchard. One of my friends was (b)-owner of the orchard. While walking, I found (c)-mango lying under (d)-tree. (e)-mango was ripe. Seeing (f)-mango in many hand, my friend said, It will taste sweet.

Answer: (a) a, (b) the, (c) a, (d) a, (e) the, (f) the

 74. Dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her (a)-husband. During marriage ceremony (b)-section of greedy people claim much wealth or money from (c)-guardians of the brides. (d)-poor illiterate girls become (e)-victims of dowry. If (f)-guardians fail to fulfill the demand of the bridegroom, the brides are maltreated.

Answer: (a) x, (b) a, (c) the, (d) the, (e) the, (f) the

 75. Punctuality is of great value to (a)-student. (b)-unpunctual boy who is late in (c)-class will miss (d)-part of his lesson and fall (e)-behind other students. But (f)-punctual student will lea his lesson in time and do well in the examination.

Answer: (a) a, (b) an, (c) the, (d) a, (e) x, (f) a

76.(a)-tiger is known as a ferocious animal. (b)-tiger kills to eat. It can kill a deer in two or three (c)-minutes and (d)-buffalo in five minutes. It always charges from (e)-side or (f)-rear.

Answer: (a) The, (b) a, (c) x, (d) a, (e) the, (f) the

77. Money cannot buy (a)-happiness. Frankly speaking money is (b)-must for our life. But it is not (c)-necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (d)-psychological thing. It is (e)-name of (f)-feeling.

Answer: (a) x, (b) a, (c) x, (d) a, (e) the, (f) a

 78. Journey is always (a)-pleasure to me. Whenever I go on a jouey, my heart leaps up with (b)-joy. But (c)-jouey by boat gives me (d)-greatest pleasure. Since Bangladesh is a land of (e)-rivers, it is (f)-easy matter to make a jouey by boat.

Answer: (a) a, (b) x, (c) a, (d) the, (e) x, (f) an