Morals of the Stories

Morals of the Stories

  1.  King Midas and his daughter
    Moral: Greed sure to bring on grief. / Greed begets sin and sin to die.

    2. Two friends and a bear
    Moral: A friend in needs is a friend indeed.

    3. The hidden treasure / The farmer and his idle sons
    Moral: industry is the mother of good luck

    4. The cow boy and the wolf
    Moral: A lair is punished in the long run.

    5. The fox and the goat
    Moral: Look before you leap.

    6. Robert Bruce, the king of Scotland
    Moral: Failure is the pillar of success.

    7. The hungry fox / The fox and the grapes
    Moral: Grapes are sour.

    8. The lion and the mouse
    Moral: Even the small things have their worth.

    9. The old man and his quarrelling son.
    Moral: Unity is strength./ United we stand divided we fall.

    10. The thirsty crow
    Moral: Where there is a will there is away. / Necessity is the mother of invention.

    11. The hare and the tortoise
    Moral: Slow but steady wins the race.

    12. The golden goose
    Moral: Grasp all, lose all.

    13. An honest wood cutter
    Moral: Honesty is the best policy. /Honesty is rewarded, dishonesty is punished.

    14. Bayezid and his mother/ Bayezid’s devotion to his mother.
    Moral: A prayer of a mother for a devoted child is always accepted by Allah.

    15. A king and an strologer.
    Moral: A ready wit can save one from danger.

    16. The ant and the dove.
    Moral: If you do a good deed, you will get a good return.

    17. The farmer and the nobleman
    Moral: Everyone should do something in the danger of others.
    18. The fox without a tail.
    Moral: Intelligent people can see through the evil motive of a man who wants others to suffer like him. / A bad man wants to drive everyone in the problem in which he is.

    19. Who is to bell the cat?
    Moral: Easy to advise but difficult to practise. / Easy to say but difficult to do.

    20. A just ruler and a brave Quazi
    Moral: Justice should be impartial.

    21. Sheikh Saadi and his teaching.
    Moral Dress does not make one great.

    22. The town of Hamelin and the rats
    Moral: Breaking a promise brings a great destroy.