Completing with words/phrases

Completing with words/phrases


would rather বরং used to অভ্যস্ত untilযতক্ষন না পর্যন্ত tillযতক্ষন পর্যন্ত
had better বরং ভাল moreover অধিকন্তু as soon as যত তাড়াতাড়ি as long as
have to/has to however যাহোক even if এমনকি যদি as much as যতটা
had to as fast as এতটাই দ্রুত even though এমনকি যদিও along with সঙ্গে
as well as পাশাপাশি along with সহ accompanied by সঙ্গী together with সঙ্গে
Ifযদি in case যদি unless যদি না provided এই শর্তে যে
providing that এই শর্তে যে provided that এই শর্তে যে what’s it like এটা কিসের মতো while (যখন)
Since as though যেন as ifযেন was born
let alone (উল্লেখ না করা/চিন্তা করা যায় না /ভাবা যায় না would you mind আপনি কিছু মনে করবেন


Look at the following structures

  1. No sooner had……..than + Simple Past

Scarcely had ……..when + Simple Past

Hardly had……..when/before + Simple Past

  1. Would rather……… than + ext
  2. Had better/have to/has to/had to/used to +verb1+ext
  3. What if+ sub+ verb + ext+?
  4. Would you mind+verb1+ing+ ext+?
  5. What’s it like +verb1+ing+ ext+?
  6. While + verb1+ing    

While+ sub+was/were+ verb1+ing

  1. Lest + sub+ should/might+verb1+ext
  2. It is time/high time+sub+ verb 2 + ext
  3. Introductory there/it
  4. Since/as if/as though

Simple present/Present perfect………… Simple past

Simple past………… Past perfect

  1. If/in case/had/unless/provided/providing that/provided that……follow the rules of conditional sentence
  2. What does…….look like/What’s……. like
  3. Either….or/Neither….nor/Both….and/Not only….but also


 Let alone is used after a statement, usually a negative one, to indicate that the statement is even more true of the person, thing, or situation that you are going to mention next
He would never walk again let alone play golf. I don’t have enough money to buy petrol, let alone a bike. He was incapable of leading a bowling team, let alone a country. My baby girl can’t say Daddy, let alone talk. Our professor couldn’t solve the problem, let alone the students. I can barely handle my own two kids, let alone several of their friends. I can’t speak Bangla fluently let alone English. He can’t afford beer, let alone whisky. I wouldn’t want to go to dinner party with that person, let alone a week-long vacation. She was too tired to walk, let alone run. I can’t read French, let alone speak it. I don’t have a bicycle, let alone a car. I don’t like grilled fish, let alone raw fish. He can’t run his own family, let alone a nation. He can’t even read, let alone write. He cannot walk, let alone run. He can’t even float let alone swim. I don’t want to see him, let alone go out with him. She doesn’t even speak her own language well, let alone French. She can hardly walk, let alone run. I was too exhausted to think, let alone study. I can’t even read Italian, let alone write it. Don’t whisper, let alone speak.


 The structure no sooner had … than is used if the second event takes place immediately after the first. Remember that in this structure no sooner introduces the event that occurred first. When we begin a sentence with a negative word, we put the auxiliary verb before the subject.
No sooner had the sun risen than the fog disappeared. No sooner had I finished my studies than I got a good job.  No sooner had the sun disappeared below the horizon than darkness began to envelop the planet. No sooner had the police left the scene than trouble started brewing again. No sooner had we heard the noise than we rushed to the spot. No sooner had she finished one project than she started working on the next. No sooner had I closed my eyes than I fell asleep. No sooner had I arrived at the station than the train came. No sooner had I gotten up from bed, than I took a bath. No sooner had I eaten the fish, than I started feeling sick. No sooner had they completed the work, than they demanded the wages. No sooner had I gotten my bags unpacked than I realized that my camera was missing. No sooner had he graduated, than he was on his way to America. No sooner had she read the letter than she started crying.

No sooner did I arrive at the station than the train came. No sooner did we hear the noise than we rushed to the spot. No sooner did I get up from bed, than I took a bath. No sooner did he fire the gun than the tiger sprang on him. No sooner did he see the police than he ran away. No sooner did I put the phone down than it started ringing again. No sooner did they meet than they fell in love with each other. No sooner did she read the telegram than she fainted. No sooner did the thieves see the police than they ran away.

Hardly had the child started crying when his mother lifted him up. Hardly had I gone to bed when I fell asleep. Hardly had I taken a dose of medicine when I started feeling better. Hardly had he reached the bus station when the bus came. No Hardly had the driver seen the signal when he applied the brake. Hardly had I reached the station when the train came.

Scarcely had I reached the station when the train arrived. Scarcely had I eaten the fish, when I started feeling sick. Scarcely had they completed the work, when they demanded the wages. Scarcely had I gotten my bags unpacked when I realized that my camera was missing. Scarcely had he graduated, when he was on his way to America.


As soon as they completed the work, they demanded the wages. As soon as I ate the fish, I started feeling sick. As soon as I arrived at the station, the train came.As soon as she finished one project, she started working on the next. As soon as I got up from bed, I took a bath. As soon as the sun rose, the fog disappeared. As soon as I finished my studies, I got a good job. As soon as I put the phone down, it started ringing again. As soon as they met, they fell in love with each other. As soon as the sun disappeared below the horizon, darkness began to envelop the planet. As soon as he fired the gun, the tiger sprang on him. As soon as the police had left the scene, trouble started brewing again. As soon as he saw the police, he ran away.


 Would rather/ ‘d rather/prefer to

It is used to decide a preference when making a choice among different options.

Positive Form:  Subject + would rather +  verb + than  + verb

I would rather stay home than go out tonight. I’d rather go home now than go to the cinema. She’d rather play tennis than sit here. They’d rather drink tea than cola. I would rather go by car than stay at home. She would rather come with us than stay at home. My father would rather drink tea than drink coffee. She’d rather buy a gold ring than a silver ring. I’d rather resign from my job than take a cut in salary. I’d rather watch a match than go to the cinema. I would rather write about math than science. I would rather play cricket than clean my room. She would rather go shopping than study grammar. He would rather play hockey than play cricket. She would rather eat a burger than eat a sandwich. She would rather study at the library than go to parties. I’d rather use a keyboard than write with a pen. I would rather walk than cycle. I’d rather walk than drive. I prefer walking to cycling. I prefer walking to driving. I prefer using a keyboard to writing with a pen. 

When prefering a negative option, we use “not” before the verb.

I’m tired. I’d rather not go out this evening. We’d rather not tell a lie. Sam would rather not talk to him. She’d rather not say that again.


 What if+ sub+ verb + ext+?

It is used to ask about something especially bad that could happen in the future.

What if four students fled away from school? What if I was seen on national television? What if a man fell in love with a woman? What if there is a lamp that gives money? What if I found out him to be selfish? What if a child was taken to a military school and trained to kill? What if father saw me at the cinema? What if he told a lie to Tusher? What if I bought a farm in Satkhira? What if I was recruited to become a pilot? What if the boy was beaten by mad dog? What if the bus is late? What if we could learn to get along? What if you don’t pass your exams? What if we arrange it for 9:00 instead of 10:00? What if we find the candles and put them around the room? What if I gave up working full-time? What if I accidentally told Mim about the party?


Would you mind + verb+ ing+…….?

It is a good way to politely ask for something that isn’t too much trouble for the other person.

Would you mind passing me that bottle over there? Would you mind closing that window? Would you mind watching my bag for a few minutes? Would you mind explaining to your colleague?  Would you mind sending me a list of everyone who’s coming? Would you mind taking this book back for me? Would you mind sending that mail for me? Would you mind reading this, please? Would you mind helping me with these boxes, please? Would you mind speaking in English? Would you mind lending me you bike? Would you mind sharing your experience? Would you mind doing something for you?


Provided/provided that/providing that/if/had/in case/unless
You can go out to play football provided that you finish your homework. He will pass his test tomorrow, provided that he studies today. We will go to the beach, provided that it stops raining. I will buy my son a new car, provided that he agrees to not get a tattoo. We’ll be there at about 7.30, provided that there’s a suitable train. Provided that there are enough seats, anyone can come on the trip. Provided that the boat leaves on time, we should reach France by morning. He’s welcome to come along, provided that he behaves himself. He will come provided that he is well enough. I will call you up, provided that i have time. I will go provided that she comes. I was allowed to go off by myself provided that I promised to be careful. I will go provided that the others go. She will help me provided that I promise to do her homework. She will help me if I promise to do her homework. Providing that you went to the party, I would go, too. Provided you study hard, you can be successful. Providing no one has any more questions, we can finish the lesson. I can afford to have a holiday providing that I earn fifty pounds a day. You can borrow the car provided that you promise to drive carefully. We’ll be there at about 7.30 provided that there’s a suitable train.


 Not only……but also শুধু নয় … আরও                  whether … or কিনা

Either ………. Or(দুটিরদুজনের মধ্যে হয়একটিএকজন অথবা অন্যটি)

Neither … nor (এটাও নয় … ওটাও নয়/দুটি বিষয়ের/বস্তুর বা দুই ব্যক্তির কেউই নয়/কোনটিই নয়)

Both … and (এবং … উভয়েই/উভয়টিই/দুটি বস্তু, বিষয় বা দুই ব্যক্তি/পক্ষের উভয়টি/উভয়কেই বোঝাতে )

She is not only rich but also famous. He visited not only France but also Switzerland. He not only insulted her in front of her friends but also threatened to beat her up.  He was not only upset but also angry. The place was not only good, but also safe. She is not only a good wife, but also a good mother. She speaks not only English, but also French. Mid position with verb is also possible. She not only speaks English, but also French. She was not only sad, but also angry. Not only was she sad; she was also angry. They not only need food, but also shelter. Not only do they need food, but they also need shelter. Not only do they need food; they also need shelter.

Either I or my friend will raise the flag. Either he or his brothers are guilty. You can either study or sleep. Either Maliha or Samia will present the meeting. He is either mad or foolish. Neither Rana nor his sister passed. Neither the teachers nor the students were present. Neither you nor he is responsible. Neither the teachers nor the students missed the programme in the college. He neither did the work nor asked others to do this.

Both my friend and cousin came on the occasion of my birthday. I took both accounting and marketing as my major courses. He is both honest and kind. Both Anik and Jotisko are intelligent. Both the teacher and the student were absent.

I do not know whether she will come or not. The man asked me whether I had completed the work. I do not know whether he is honest or dishonest.


22.8 Relative pronouns: who, which, that, what, whom, whose 
The man who came here yesterday is my brother.This is the book which is now out of print. I do not know what they want. Mr. Kalam is a businessman who works mainly with the foreigners.This is the boy whose pen has been lost.


Whoever যে হোক/ Whateverযা হোক/ Whenever যখনই হোক /Wherever যেখানেই হোক /Enough to যথেষ্ট
Whoever is present here, he/she should listen to our request. Whoever you are, I won’t respect you. Whatever you want, it must be legal. Whatever your ambition is, it should be honest. Whatever he wants can never be met. Whenever you need me, just make a phone call. Inform him of the matter whenever he comes. Wherever he goes for help, nobody helps him. Wherever you go, I will always be with you. She was not meritorious enough to get GPA-5.The girl is intelligent enough to understand the questions. He is not strong enough to carry the load.


  • Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box.
There as soon as It have to as if
would rather let alone was born what’s it like What…. look like

a) In China most of the students — join English Club. Is it the same in Bangladesh?

b) I — go abroad than join in student politics. In our country it is like committing suicides.

c) I’m a university student. But he behaves with me — I were a baby.

d) Asif is very idle. He cannot get up early in the morning, — taking exercise.

e) Alexander was a great King of Mecedon. He — in 356 BC.

f) — living beside a river? It seems you are enjoying the life of a fisherman.

g) They stoop up — the teacher entered the classroom. He became very pleased with them.

h) The sailor became terrified. — were no birds or animals in that snow covered country.

i) In cold countries people lead their life through hardship. — snows everywhere all the year round.

j) Student : Sir, — does an octopus —? Teacher : It’s very colourful and strange.

as soon as had better There What….look like as if
It was born would rather have to let alone

a) I don’t like Shipon’s behaviour. He speaks — he were a king. He should change his attitude.

b) He can’t remember the face of his father. — the details of his activities.

c) — the master saw the duck, he started clapping. He wanted to unfold the secret.

d) Everybody has heard the name of Aristotle. He was a great philosopher. He — in 384 BC in Greece.

e) We — starve than eat poisonous fruits. Nowthe presence of formalin is very common in fruits.

f) People lead a very uncomfortable life. They — face various types of problems everyday.

g) Once upon a time — lived a king. He had four daughters whom he loved very much.

h) Baby: Mom, — does Dracula — ? Mother: It’s very dangerous. You can watch them in films.

i) Life is very difficult in the deserts. It is very hot. — hardly rains.

j) You — tell her everything. It’s already too late.

what’s it like What….look like as if there would rather
as soon as as though There let alone what does….look like

a) I am not interested to invite Salam, — the members of his family.

b) Jerry was very small but could do many gracious work. He acted — he were a grow-up-man.

c) Student: Sir, — does a dolphin —- ? Teacher: Very nice! It looks like a giant fish.

d) Nobody likes Shampa. She speaks — she were a mad.

e) Long ago — lived a very kind-hearted man named Mohsin.

f) We — go home than stay in this risky fair. Nowadays visiting fair is not safe at all.

g) — the match started, everybody kept silent. It seemed all took the match very serious.

h)— dews everywhere during autumn and the grass glitters like diamond.

i) Son: Dad, — a lion —? Father: Yes, dear it looks like a king.

j) — living an Australian style? You seem to be very lucky living in Sydney.

what if would better There It…..changed as if
had better  has to as soon as was born let alone

a) Corruption is a great sin. I — die than become a corrupt. 

b) — you got yourself admitted into a driving course to be a driver? 

c) You look very upset. You — go to office today. 

d) — the chief guest came with a smiling face, the audience kept silent. He delivered his speech. 

e) Father seems to be very annoyed. He looks — he lost something important. 

f) The boy looks very weak. He cannot walk well — carry this heavy load. 

g) In our country a girl who is matured usually — wear veil. Is it the same in the cities? 

h) Taimur was a great ruler. He — in Uzbekistan is 1320.

i) Everything changes in course of time. — is high time we — our old ideas. 

j) Long ago — lived a king in Persia. He was very pious as well as kind hearted. 

as soon as what does….look like It had better what if
was born let alone  have to would rather what’s it like 

a) Deforestation is a matter of great concern. We — take steps to stop cutting down trees at random. 

b) To tell a lie is a great sin. We — die than tell a lie. Otherwise, none will respect us. 

c)— you were driving your bike without helmet and met a serious accident? 

d) — swimming in the sea? It seems to be very heroic to me. 

e) — the mother heard the news, she cried out loudly. She lost her child in a car accident. 

f) Rome was not built in a day, — took a long time and hard labour to build this beautiful city. 

g) Mr. Tarafder is a poor man. He cannot afford to buy a piece of land — a flat. 

h) Thomas Alva Edison was a great scientist. He — in the USA in 1847. 

i) Your shirt looks very dirty. It’s old enough. You — buy a new one. 

j) Myself: Hi Sumon, — an albatross —?  Sumon: It’s a big sea bird. It looks an eagle. 

as soon as let alone what does was born had better
had to as if There would rather it 

a) Marconi is famous for the invention of radio. He — in Bologra, Italy in 1974.

b) Shanto has broken his leg. He cannot walk — participate in the match. 

c) Nazrul is a famous Bengali poet. He — face many difficulties of life during his early life. 

d) You — take a lifeboat. The sea many be stormy enough. 

e) Everybody is annoyed with Shanta. She talks in this way — she knew everything. 

f) The students rushed to the classroom — the bell rang. It is the common picture of every school. 

g) Long ago — lived a great saint in Baghdad. His name was Abdul Quadir Jilani. 

h) — started raining cats and dogs. So we had to carry umbrella with us. 

i) This show is crowded. We — watch the next show. 

j) Son : Father, — a monarch look like?  Father : Sorry, dear, I had never seen a monarch. 

as soon as what does….. look like  was born as though had better
would rather There What’s it like let alone It…..changed

a) The old man was very curious. He looked — he wanted to know many things from us. 

b) — the Prime Minister arrived, she started crying. She lost her son in a bomb explosion.

c) It may rain at any time. We — take spare shoes with us. 

d) — living a lonely life? You seem to be happy living in the island. 

e) Child: Sister, — a crocodile —?  Sister: Sorry, no idea. We may watch them in the zoo. 

f) The child could not remember the face of its mother, — the details of her attitude. 

g) Pythagoras was a great Greek philosopher, He — in 570 BC. 

h) Now the world is advancing very fast, — is high time we — our method. 

i) Long ago — lived a poor woodsman and his wife. They were unhappy because they had no child. 

j) I — stay alone than play with bad boys. Bad boys are usually quarrelsome and naughty. 

what’s it like There what does…. look like It what if
let alone have to would rather  as soon as as though 

a) Everything became fresh again — the storm was over. 

b) Long ago — lived a wise king named Solomon who was famous for his wisdom. 

c) — was autumn when the writer went to a mountain to stay there. 

d) In the Indian subcontinent office? You seem to be very happy with your govt. service. 

e) — working in the government office. You seem to be very happy with your govt. service. 

f) Student: Madam, — a dinosaur —? Teacher: Sorry, I have never seen a dinosaur. 

g) We — remain unfed than beg in the street. Begging is certainly a great curse. 

h) Talha has no interest in religion — say prayers five times daily. 

i) Your pen must be checked before going to the exam hall, — it ran short in the middle of the exam? 

j) Mr. Siddiq is very envious. He thinks — he were a great scholar in the world. 

what does….look like as though have to what’s it like let alone
as soon as was born There would rather It

a) In coastal areas people — live in anxiety. Is it the same in other areas of a country? 

b) Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists of the world. He — in 1879 in Germany. 

c) Long ago — lived a great warrior named Genghis Khan. He was born around 1162 AD. 

d) We — work in cooperation than work separately. It is said that unity is strength. 

e) Child : Brother, — a fairy —?  Brother : Oh! It’s beautiful. It has wings. 

f) The children went out their house — the rain stopped. 

g) — staying in luxurious hotel? You seem very glad with your lonely life in luxurious hotel. 

h) The girl came to us running. She looked — she had seen us many times. 

i) Sujon never goes to Dhaka, — visit Ahsan Manzil. He never feels comfortable without telling a lie. 

j) The writer could not recognize his lady guest, — is long since he caught sight of her at the play. 

what does…look like as if had better There what if
let alone as soon as It have to would rather

a) Most of the politicians play the role of actors/ actress. They act — they were the real patriots. 

b) Pakistan cricket team is very weak. They cannot defeat Bangladesh, — India. 

c) In our country the members of law enforcing organizations — lead a very risk life. 

d) They are inattentive to their studies. — they were attentive to their studies? 

e) We — walk fast. It may start raining. The sky seems stormy. 

f) Bangladesh experiences political instability. — is high time we changed our political view. 

g) — the meeting started, some activities of opposite party started picketing. 

h) — was a time when the people had to fight against the ferocious animals.

i) We — develop our humanity than observe hartal and strike. Let us change our destructive culture. 

j) She: — your mother, —? Rana : She is a very nice woman. 

had better what’s it like let alone as if There
would rather have to what does… look It as soon as

(a) — are no trees in the premises of my house. All the trees have been uprooted by the cyclone Ayla.

(b) We — stay at home today then go to college. It’s a stormy day.

(c) A: — a dinosaur —? B: It’s a huge animal. But I’ve never seen it.

(d) — living in a boat? The Bedeys seem to be happy with their life in boats.

(e) It is noon. But it is dark all around as the cloud has covered the sky. It looks — were evening.

(f) Cycling in the mountainous area is risky. So, — is not wise to like in the mountains by yourself.

(g) He can’t write a simple poem, — a sonnet. He doesn’t have the least poetic genius.

(h) The bomb exploded — we came out of the house. Thanks God, we could save ourselves. 

(i) You — not keep late hours for study. You may get sick.

(j) Everyone is not involved in this matter. Why does everyone — sign?

had better as long as was born let alone wish
Lest would rather as soon as as if have to

(a) Mr. Aziz is an honest man. He — starve than take bribe.

(b) Hello, I am from Bangladesh. I — in Dhaka.

(c) Your mother is ill. So, I think you — go home early.

(d) We have started late. Now you are walking slowly. Walk fast — you should miss the train.

(e) I want to set up a hospital. But, I have not enough money. I — I were a millionaire to do that.

(f) I helped him many a time. But, now he speaks in such a manner — he did not know me.

(g) None can live without hope. In fact, there is hope — there is life.

(h) Rima was waiting for the reply. So, she went home — she got the telegram.

(i) You don’t know how poor he is. He cannot buy a fan, — an air-conditioner.

(j) There are some promising sectors here. So, we all — work sincerely to flourish in those areas.

what’s it like would rather as if let alone there
what does….look like was born as soon as had better have to

 (a) This boy —— blind. Doctors opined that he would not recover. Since his birth, the boy has

been one-eyed.

(b) If you don’t want to miss the bus, start —— possible. Otherwise you will have to wait 2

hours for the next bus.

(c) This poor student cannot manage even his textbooks, —— a bicycle. He walks to school

which is 5 miles away.

(d) Our society is full of bad persons. We —— remain aware of them.

(e) Our village is a famous one. —— are many highly educated and very rich persons in our village.

(f) Son : Father —— a dolphin ——?

Father : Sorry. I have no idea.

(g) I have no idea of —— going on a long drive. I had never such occasion in my life.

(h) He behaves —— he were a king. He always pretends to be important.

(i) I —— support my father than my uncle. I believe that my father is more honest and just

than my uncle.

(j) You —— bring your camera. We could take photo of every incident.

let alone had better what’s it like as soon as no sooner had
would rather what do…look like as if would rather have to


(a) I —— stay at home. I am not feeling well.

(b) You —— did the job. Opportunity never comes repeatedly.

(c) Rohima cannot speak Bengali fluently —— English. In fact, she is a dull student.

(d) Today is holiday. —— swimming in the river?

(e) I help my father in the field now and then. I am not a son of rich parents.

(f) Ripa: Mita, you have recently seen lion in the zoo. —— they ——?

(g) Faker often behaves —— he were a prince.

(h) —— had I seen him when he ran away.

(i) I rushed to the hospital —— I was informed of it.

(j) My sister was ill. She —— go to a doctor.

wish there what’s …… lik had better need not
was born it would rather as fast as would you mind

(a) The book has much demand. It —— have any publicity.

(b) You had missed the train. You —— go tomorrow.

(c) I —— I were a doctor. Then, I would give poor people treatment free of cost.

(d) The snake was coming behind the boy. He ran —— he could and saved himself by entering

the house.

(e) A : —— attending the meeting in place of me?

B : Don’t worry. It’ll do.

(f) Qazi Motahar Hussain, an educationist, scientist, —— in 1897 in the village of Lakshmipur

of Kumarkhali Upazilla in Kushtia district.

(g) —— lived a rich man who bought a necklace and a ring for his wife.

(h) —— is really dangerous to drive with sleepiness. It may cost your life any time anywhere.

(i) A : —— the painting competition ——?

n HSC English First Second Paper : Questions n 89

B : Oh, I’m really proud to be a part of it.

(j) He —— leave the village than quarrel with anybody. He is very peace loving.

as soon as had better what if let alone so so
what does …. look like so no matter as if there

(a) The entry will be close within half an hour. So, we should reach the hall ——.

(b) He cannot get A —— A+.

(c) Mimi: They will not appreciate it. Mina: ——? I will do what I am supposed to do.

(d) Student: Sir, —— a wild cat ——?

Teacher: A wild cat is larger and stronger than an ordinary cat.

(e) I hope they will help us. ——, there will not be any problem.

(f) ‘How is your work going on?’ ‘——.’

(g) I know there may be some obstacles. I will not flinch —— what hindrances I may face.

(h) —— lived a king in a certain country. He was voracious.

(i) He is very upset —— he lost everything.

(j) It is already late. You —— leave now.

at all since the whole of as if as well
as such as well while a bit of as for

(a) Mrs Takahashi is a Japanese. She doesn’t speak Hindi ——. She can speak English.

(b) —— they were playing cards, a thief broke into the house. They caught the thief redhanded.

(c) They are in a great trouble. —— they had not paid the bill, their electricity was cut off.

(d) Why I was leaving the place? I was doing so —— I was fed up.

(e) I’ve got —— problem. I have lost my national ID card.

(f) It sounds —— telephone operator is going to leave his job. We have to hire a new man.

(g) Mrs. M : So you went to Japan on holiday ——. I went on business.

(h) He had a terrible road mishap. —— breaking his leg, he hurt his arm.

(i) I decided to have lunch, —— I was feeling hungry. I met my close friend, Sumon there.

(j) She is a woman of versatile genius. She not only sings, she plays the piano ——.

there let alone have to as if what’s it like
as soon as in case what if would you mind would rather

(a) —— giving me a hand in preparing the breakfast?

(b) Don’t behave —— you knew everything. Remember all others here are senior to you.

(c) You look very unsmart. —— you change your dress?

(d) We —— be aware of corruption. It slows down the development of our country.

(e) I’m going to buy a flat. Please help me —— I fall short of money.

(f) It’s of no use to blame him. He cannot buy an electric fan, —— an air conditioner.

(g) You —— build your own house than living in a rented house. House rent has increased

much nowadays.

(h) They were bored. —— nothing to watch on television.

(i) Give him the good news —— you meet him.

(j) —— teaching in a college. You seem to be very satisfied with your job.

had better there as if as soon as would rather
would you mind as long as what does —– look like had to it

(a) —— lived two women in a village. One of them had a baby. But the other woman claimed

that baby.

(b) A : —— a double decker bus ——?

B : It looks like a two-storied building.

(c) A : I —— go now.

B : Why are you in a hurry?

(d) She has a great sense of morality. She —— fail in the exam than adopt unfair means.

(e) A : What’s your plan about staying in the college hostel?

B : I’ll stay in the hostel —— my father supports me.

(f) He invited me to a party at his home. I started for his home —— it was evening.

(g) A : What if someone is angry with you?

B : —— is difficult to satisfy everyone. Remember it.

(h) A : I’ll buy at least ten books from the book fair.

B : —— buying two books for me?

(i) He started his story. We —— listen to him.

(j) She fell down and got hurt. Though it was not serious, she acted —— she had been

seriously injured.

was born had better as soon as would rather let alone
what is like what does —- look like have to there as if

(i) Shah Jahan was a great Mughal Emperor. He —— in 1592. He built the taj mahal.

(ii) This is a voluntary campaign. You don’t —— join us if you are not interested.

(iii) Rassel: Rafi, have you ever seen an ECG machine?

Rafi: No, I haven’t. Have you? —— it ——-?

(iv) The cut on your forehead looks serious. You — put a plaster on it.

(v) I—— have a walk around than sit idly. I like the surrounding here very much.

(vi) There are many people in our villages who don’t know who their own president is ——

Barrack Obama.

(vii) —— being called to the Principal’s office for failing three subjects? You seem to be


(viii) The audience burst into roar —— Messi scored a goal at the last minute of the match. It

was a matter of great happiness for them.

(ix) After the interruption, the speaker went on talking —— nothing had happened.

(x) Once —— lived a farmer who had a magic goose. The goose laid a golden egg everyday.

it there would rather let alone what’s it like
had better have to as soon as was born as if

(a) We informed the police ——the incident took place. But the police didn’t arrive even after

two hours.

(b) We ——find a new house. This house is very noisy.

(c) I ——work late tomorrow. A lot of work is pending.

(d) They ——go to the court than reach a compromise. He is a very tough cookie.

(e) Begum Rokeya is regarded as the pioneer of women’s education.

She ——in an educated family in the district of Rangpur.

(f) ——riding a horse? It seems you are very happy to ride a horse in the park.

(g) I don’t like Tim. He talks ——he knew everything. He should give up this notions.

(h) He can’t obtain GPA-3 in the exam, ——talentpool scholarship. As a student he is very weak.

(i) ——seems that he is very happy with the life in the village. Autually, he likes the

countryside very much.

(j) ——seems to be a crowd on the road. I think something has happened there.

what if have to what does—look like there what’s it like
let alone had better was born as if as soon as

(a) I cannot drive a car, ——a bus.

(b) They ——give up smoking.

(c) Sabbir cried bitterly ——he heard the sudden and unexpected news of his father’s demise.

His father was the best companion to him.

(d) Geoffrey Chaucer is the first great English poet. He ——in 1340.

(e) ——they are murdered in the open like Avijit Roy and no one comes to help?

(f) ——living in Hawaiian style? You seem to be very happy with your life in Hawaii.

(g) Your exam is knocking at door. You ——complete your syllabus without any scrap of


(h) He came here running. He looked ——he knew me.

(i) ——prevails an acute dowry system in our country.

(j) Rita: ——does bonsai——?

supposed to have to would rather was born lest
as if scarcely there used to if

(a) It’s a great wonder to believe him. He speaks ——he knew the details of the incident.

(b) The miscreant could not save him from the police. ——had he gone, when a policeman

knocked at the door.

(c) ——is a wolf in the wood through which you are going. But if you keep to the road he won’t

do you any harm.

(d) You ——go straight to your grandmother’s home without loitering on the way. Because she

is seriously ill.

(e) Homer was a great poet. Nobody knows where he——.

(f) The weather is cloudy. We take umbrella with us ——we should be drenched by rain.

(g) Mr. Rana ——walk in the morning. And he did so for keeping good health.

(h) I ——remain guilty than speak ill of others. Because it creates great enmity between

friends and relatives.

(i) His behavior surprised me. Because he was ——to bring a special gift for me, but he forgot

it without any hesitation.

(j) We saw the picture hung on the wall. —— is a very fine piece of work.

let alone as if would rather would rather what is it like
was born what if as soon as have to had better

(a) We ——stop the work than do it in the rain. Working in the rain we may catch cold.

(b) Your parents have got you educated with great difficulty. You ——manage a job at any

cost to help them.

(c) Salma is a famous singer. ——we invited her to sing in our function?

(d) I ——consult a doctor. I feel very weak.

(e) Jahid cannot buy smart phone ——a laptop. He is a son of a very poor parents.

(f) We feel very bored owing to our monotonous study. ——arranging a picnic in the


(g) Kazi Nazrul Islam is our national poet. He ——in a very poor family.

(h) I have an important business. I ——say goodbye to you now.

(i) Topon behaves ——he were our boss. Everybody is annoyed at his behaviour. Nobody loves him.

(j) Our cricket team defeated England in the ICC. We brought out victory procession ——the

match was over. It was a great experience for us.

have to would rather let alone had better as if
it what does…. look like as soon as was born what if

(a) ——is known that carbon dioxide is primarily responsible for rise of temperature in


(b) To solve unemployment problem, more and more industries ——be set up and importance

should be given on flourishing cottage industries.

(c) Aroj Ali Matubbar was a self-taught philosopher. He ——on 17 December.

(d) I talked ——I had not known anything. I had no way without it.

(e) ——he had accidentally told Munia about party. That would have ruined the surprise.

(f) I ——not come since you don’t want.

(g) He knew that I was waiting for her phone. So ——he heard the news, she phoned me.

(h) He ——eat fish than mutton. He suffers from a high blood pressure.

(i) Priya : ——the girl ——?

(j) I am not going to invite Shila to the party, ——her friends. My parents do not like them.

lest what doeslook lie scarcely-when would rather be born
as soon as let alone as if have to had better

(a) ‘—— Mahpara ——?’ She looks exactly like her mother, except she has straight silky hair

instead of her mother’s curly ones.

(b) He went to a teacher with a view to learning English. But he was dull headed. He could not

learn the ABC of English, —— gain proficiency in the language.

(c) Abahani won the match. ——the match ended, the supporters burst out in a roar of


(d) We are already late. I think we —— go before it gets dark.

(e) Always be industrious. Never be idle ——you come to want.

(f) It was nothing but an accident. However, did she ——pay a fine for breaking down the

window glass?

(g) The man behaves——he were mad. He should learn to behave well.

(h) I returned doing a lot of shopping that day. ——had I reached the door ——Lipi asked if I

had been listening to the radio.

(i) Shelley ——on August 4, 1992 at Sussex in English. At the age of twelve he was sent on

Eton, one of the best schools in England.

(j) To steal is a great sin. I ——starve than steal.

as soon as as long as what if as if what’s …like
it is time let alone had better would rather double standard

(a) It’s raining cats and dogs. ——it doesn’t stop?

(b) How do you believe him? He maintains ——.

(c) He is busy with his official work. You ——meet him in the afternoon.

(d) You are always careless about your studies. ——you studied attentively otherwise you will suffer.

(e) We have got ready. We will set out ——the rain stops.

(f) He is always sincere. He ——wait long time than make other wait for him.

(g) You have come here to meet your uncle. You can stay here ——you need.

(h) He always orders other. He behaves in such a way ——he were our boss.

(i) Momo is mere a baby. She can’t eat rice ——meat.

(j) You have experience of facing many interviews. Tell me please ——it ——.

have to be born better what if I’d rather
as soon as let alone hardly….when as if lest

 (a) Should we misguide him? Hadn’t we ——tell him the truth?

(b) She was late for sleep that day. ——had she gone to sleep? ——it was time to get up again.

(c) Robi is a very poor boy. He cannot manage two square meals a day, ——go to the Fantasy


(d) ——I had written my letters, I did some gardening. I love my garden very much, you know.

(e) ‘I’d rather like a glass of beer’. ‘Oh, would you? I ——have a cup of coffee?’

(f) Charles Babbage was an English Mathematician. He ——on 26 December, 1791 in


(g) Rats are supposed to carry the virus of plague. The animals must be destroyed ——the

disease should spread.

(h) Why is he looking at me ——he knew me? I’ve never seen him before.

(i) It’s nice that you’re coming to Dhaka tomorrow. But I’m sorry, I’ll not be able to receive

you. I’m leaving for Chittagong tonight. ——I meet you next Friday by 5 pm?

(j) We’re going to the Tha Kha floating market next morning. We’ll ——get up early tomorrow,

won’t we?

let alone what is… like it was born there
have to would rather as soon as as if had better

(a) William Shakespeare was the greatest poet and dramatist of England. He ———— at

Stratford-on-Avon and was educated at the free grammar school there.

(b) ————appears unlikely that we shall return in time. You would come next day, please.

(c) The sinner will suffer in the long run, ————is no doubt about it.

(d) Most of the people of Bangladesh do not afford to eat two meals in a day ————three

meals. Government should take necessary measure to improve their condition.

(e) You ————give up smoking. You may be affected by cancer.

(f) ————the weather————? It is very windy. None should go out.

(g) You ————wear uniform on duty. It is an official decorum.

(h) ————the teacher entered the class, the students stood up. The teacher told the

students to attend the class.

(i) The conference will begin next day. I ————go there by plane than by any other means.

(j) He behaves ————he were the owner of the orchard. Actually he is merely a caretaker of

the orchard.

would rather…than what….. like let alone had better cold blood
it is high time provided that as soon as unless would you mind

(a) It is such nice weather. I ——sit in the garden ——watch TV.

(b) Our teachers could not solve the problem ——our classmates.

(c) ——I get the information, I will let you know.

(d) It may rain today. You ——take an umbrella with you.

(e) —— we changed our behavior.

(f) You have got a new teacher. ——is he ——?

(g) I don’t want to give my phone number to anyone ——it’s an emergency, you understand?

(h) You will pass the test ——you study hard.

(i) He is a serial killer. He can kill in ——.

(j) Fahmida: ——making a cup of tea?

Mohona: Why not! I’d love that.

had better as soon as what is ….like what does…… look like would rather
it was born there let alone as if

(a) I study at a private college. ——are about two thousand students in our college.

(b) Air has no color. But ——living without air?

(c) Rakib told Ajit that parents are our best guide. But Ajit told that ——is teachers who are

our best guide.

(d) Bangladesh has no sufficient gas, we ——use it very carefully.

(e) Stephen Hawking is a famous scientist. He ——in England.

(f) Your neighbors are jealous. You ——avoid them for consultation.

(g) Saki : Hi Mila! Have you seen Rana’s new car?

Mila : No, ——the car ——?

(h) Mahmud went to London. There he adjusted himself with English people ——he were a


(i) I landed at the airport. ——I met my family members, I burst into joy.

(j) Many students are very weak in English. They cannot read English ——write it freely.