Definition: Adjectives describe, or modify, nouns and pronouns. An adjective gives information about the colour, size, characteristic, quality, quantity or personal traits of a noun or pronoun.

Generally an adjective modifies a noun by answering one of these following questions:

Which? What kind? How many?


– The one-eyed man tells him the story. (Answer the question ‘Which man?’)

– Fox is a cunning animal. (Answer the question ‘What kind of animal?’)

– Five or six gunmen attack the area. (Answer the question ‘How many gunmen?’)


Classification: There are five kinds of adjective as follow.

1.      Adjective of Quality quality tall, good, beautiful honest, kind, large, bulky, thin, fat, smart, ugly etc.
2.      Adjective of  Quantity quantity some, any, much, few, little, enough, all, many, half, no, great, etc.
3.      Numeral Adjective number of noun first, second, one, two, three, every, each, another, many, some, any, few, all, several, neither, either
4.      Demonstrative Adjective point out the noun this, these, that, such, and those
5.      Interrogative Adjective ask a question where, what, which, whose
6.      Possessive Adjective belongs to someone my, your, our, their, his, her and its


  1. Qualitative Adjective or Adjective of quality:

Express the qualities of something or someone.

Such as great, good, bad, wise, poor, nice, happy, pretty, angry, blue etc.


– He gives me a great idea.

– Mr. Rahim is a good person.

– He is a bad gyu.

**Adjective of quality answer the question: what kind?

  1. Quantitative Adjective or Adjective of quantity:

Express or indicate the quantity of a noun or pronoun.

Such as some, little, much, enough, whole, sufficient, all, none, more, half, no etc.


– I have enough money to but the car.

– The whole countrymen congratulate the president.

– She wants all the money.

**Adjective of quantity answer the question: Hwo maû or much?

iii. Numeric or Adjective of number:

Express the number or order of something or someone. Such as one, two, three, ………., first, second, third, ……………, single, double, triple, quadruple, twofold, threefold, fivefold, ………… etc


– He can eat ten eggs at a time.

– She is the first girl in the class.

– The house owner does not rent the room to the single person.

**Adjective of number is to types Definite and Indefinite.

Definite Numeric adjectives are of three kinds.

Such as

– Cardinal (one, two, ….),

– Ordinal (first, second, ……),

– Multiplicative (Single, double, …..)

  1. Demonstrative Adjective:

Specify the nouns or pronouns. Such as this, that, those, these etc.


– This boy is good.

– That is her room.

– These are the book to follow.

  1. Distributive Adjective:

Express the distributive state of nouns. Such as every, each, neither, either, both etc.


– Every movie in the series is popular.

– Both the boys are appreciated by them.

– Each person will get the reward.

  1. Possessive Adjective:

Shows the possession or belongingness in the sentence. Such as his, her, him, my, our, your, their etc.


– This is her cell phone.

– I have seen their house.

– Our house is two stored house.

vii. Interrogative Adjective:

Interrogative Adjective modifies nouns in an interrogative sentence. Such as which, what, whose etc.


– What kind of man he is?

– Whose phone is this?

– Which program are you listening?


Identify Adjectives

The warm days are here. The longest days come in June. Three feet make one yard. Seven days make one week. This boy will do your errand. Those books belong to Mary. That man is honest. He has eaten three apples. I don’t have much money. There is so much wine for the guests. This long, thin centipede has many legs. I spent my afternoon cleaning the toilet. This must be your cap. His arms have a few tattoos. Its skin is dry and rough. Our grandmothers were classmates. Ety is witty. They live in a beautiful house. Lisa is wearing a sleeveless shirt today. I used to buy this kind of shirts. The water was clean. The sun is high in the sky. This soup is not edible. She wore a beautiful dress. He writes meaningless letters. This shop is much nicer. She wore a beautiful dress. Ben is an adorable baby. Linda’s hair is gorgeous. This glass is breakable. I met a homeless person. She is tired. The cafeteria was attractive. Maria was tried after the long flight. Whales are larger than sharks. They are amazing. The walkway was small. Dad had a bald head. No one liked the cold pizza. The hot water boiled. Stay in the big area. Watch out, the table is heavy! It was dry in the desert. These skates are Frank’s. He had little love for work. There was much work to be done. Some people remember favors. Any man is liable to make mistakes. No word came from the steamer. Please make more haste. The less talk the more work. He opened the book at the sixth chapter, the tenth paragraph, the one hundred and eighth page. The American, French, and English ambassadors are safe. Children like sweet apples. She has an amiable disposition. It is a beauteous evening, calm and clear. He paid two hundred dollars for the horse.  Sixteen ounces make a pound. Any man here can do a little work. He occupies the fourth seat in the seventh row. Yonder elm was planted by my grandfather. This house is older than yours. What book do you prefer? Which boy came late? He knew what value to place upon promises. It was easy to see which boy led his class. She saw the door was open.