Pronoun and Pronoun references


Definition: Pronouns take the place of nouns.

 Classification of Pronoun with list

Pronoun Example
1.      Personal pronoun I, you, he, she, it, they, we, her, him, it, me, them, us, and you, hers, his, its, mine, ours, theirs, yours
2.      Demonstrative Pronoun this, that, these, those, so, such, one, ones
3.      Interrogative Pronouns who, what, which, whose, whoever, whomever, whatever, whom
4.      Relative Pronouns who, which, that, whom, what, whose, whoever, whenever, whatever

5.      Indefinite Pronouns

everybody, everyone, anybody, anyone, somebody, someone, nobody, no one, none, one, nothing, everything, anything, something, both, each, either, few, many, neither, several, some, all, another, any
6.      Reflexive and Emphatic Pronouns herself, himself, itself, myself, ourselves, yourself, themselves
7.      Reciprocal Pronouns each other, one another
8.      Distributive pronoun each, either, neither, every, everyone


 Personal Pronoun

Person Number Nominative Possessive Objective Reflexive
First Singular I My, mine Me Myself
Plural We Our, ours Us Ourselves
Second Singular You Your, yours You Yourself
Plural You Your, yours You Yourselves
Third Singular He His Him Himself
Singular She Her, hers Her Herself
Singular It Its It Itself
Plural They Their, theirs Them Themselves

 1.  Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where

necessary, rewrite the sentence so that all pronoun references are clear.         1×5 = 5

In a village there lived a poor old woman, who had gathered together a dish of beans and wanted to cook it. So, she made a fire, and to burn quicker, she lighted it with a handful of straw. When she was emptying the beans into the pan, one dropped without she observing it, and lay on the ground beside a straw. Soon afterwards a burning coal sprang from the fire, and they leapt down to the two. The coal said, “I fortunately sprang out of it, and if I had not escaped, my death would have been certain, I should have been burnt to ashes.”

Answers: In a village there lived a poor old woman, who had gathered together a dish of beans and wanted to cook them. So, she made a fire, and to burn quicker, she lighted the fire with a handful of straw. When she was emptying the beans into the pan, one dropped without her observing it, and lay on the ground beside a straw. Soon afterwards a burning coal sprang from the fire, and it leapt down to the two. The coal said, “I fortunately sprang out of the fire, and if I had not escaped, my death would have been certain, I should have been burnt to ashes.”


 Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraphs. Where necessary, rewrite the sentences so that all pronoun references are clear.

  1. The boy said to the teacher respectfully that he would be much obliged if he kindly lent him the book that he had praised highly in the classroom the previous day. The teacher said to the boy that he was very glad to know that he was eager to read that book. The teacher added that he was welcome to any of his books that he liked.
  2. A fruit seller asked the customer which fruit he wanted to buy. Then he said that he had apples from Australia, oranges from Darjeeling, grapes from Kasmir. The customer asked the fruit seller what fruits of their country he had. The fruit seller replied that he had coconut, guava and jackfruit. The customer requested him to give one kg of guava as it would be the substitute of Australian apples.
  3. Kamal said that he had got GPA- 5 in the SSC examination. Hasan congratulated Kamal. He asked him what he intend to do then. Kamal replied that he wanted to study in a reputed college and he added that he would try to get himself admitted into Dhaka College.
  4. The noble man asked Sheikh saadi respectfully why he was putting up the food in his pocket. Sheikh Saadi replied that he was doing the right thing and he added that his dress deserved the rich dishes. The noble man requested Sheikh Saadi to tell him clearly what he meant to say.
  5. The man respectfully the manager if he might go in. The manager replied in the affirmative and told him to go in. He also asked him what he wanted. The man replied him that he wanted to open a bank account. At last he asked him if he could tell him the process of opening a saving account.
  6. While Mrs. Ayesha Amin told the students about Mr. Grasshopper and Mr. Ant, Mr. Anis Ahmed continued to help them with their school garden. We’ve planted for the future,’ he told them. ‘Here in Bangladesh, we’ve three kinds of vegetables, summer, winter and all season. It was between winter and summer when I gave you the seeds and seedlings, so we’ve planted all season vegetables. Look, I’ll show them to you.
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  8. There was an old house in a village. A number of mice lived in that house. They were doing a lot of mischief there. The master of the house was very annoyed and made a plan. They bought a big cat. He started killing the mice. The mice fell in a great trouble. They became very worried. They wanted to get rid of the cat. The mice had a general council to consider what measures could take to outwit their common enemy, the cat. Some said this, and some said that; but at last a young mouse got up and said he had a proposal to make, which they thought would meet the case. ‘We will all agree,’ said he, ‘that our chief danger consists in the sly and treacherous manner in which the enemy approaches us.’
  9. Drug addiction has become common in recent times and is a behavior, found in people all over the world. Drug abuse is caused when a person indulges in excessive consumption of drugs or chemical substances. When the person continues to indulge in such behavior, even if they faces lot of physical, emotional and social problems, it turns into an addiction. They start taking drugs for variety of reasons, for instance, to escape from problems in life, to get rid of some physical or mental pain or to feel more energetic. Drugs are also prescribed by physicians to patients, after a surgery or to lessen chronic pain. In both these cases, there is a chance of a person getting addicted, if the drug gives instant results. It is said that, when people take drugs, they feel a sudden rush of energy and also find them in a different world where problems cannot reach themselves. Continuous or regular use of drugs make the body addicted to it, and gives rise to a situation where he is not able to live without it. The person gets addicted to it in such a way, that nothing else seems to be important.
  10. You are seven years old. You hear the sound of glass breaking outside window and suddenly the house resounds with mother’s shouts. You see her face in the hall from your bedroom. That she forms with her mouth is strange and unfamiliar to you. Riot. It would have sounded like a clownish way of saying ‘Right.’ But this does not seem to be a time for clownish behaviour. This is something serious and mysterious and disturbing and it occupies a place in the adult world, the world you do not yet understand but can intuitively grasp from time to time. Like now. Your mother enters bedroom. Her face is distorted with alarm. She runs to where you are, playing with your friend who is also your age, and grabs you.
  11. An ideal farmer is a very important person in our society. He lives in a village. Their house is made of straws. An ideal farmer lives a very simple life. He earns his livelihood by the sweat of their brow. He works from morning till evening. He gets up very early in the morning and takes a little breakfast. He goes to field with his wooden plough and a pair of bullocks. He cultivates and prepares his land with simple hand-made tools. He has both pleasures and pains in his life. He gets pleasures when he has a good harvest. But he gets pains when his crops are destroyed by droughts, floods or cyclone. Through a farmer works hard, does not get enough to eat. He lives from hand to mouth. He also suffers from many diseases. An ideal farmer is a seed to the country. He contributes a lot to the economy of the country. So all of us should respect them.
  12. It was already late when we set out for the next town, it according to the map was about fifteen miles away on the other side of the hills. There we felt sure which we would find a bed for the night. Darkness fell soon after they left the village, but luckily we met no someone as drove swiftly along the narrow winding road that led to the hills. As we climbed higher, that became colder and rain began to fall, making difficult at times to see the road. I asked John, my companion, to derive more slowly.
  13. Rahman is such a common name that I had better remind where we met. It was at your daughters wedding last year. Her husband Mr. Moniruzzaman is a very old friend of I- in fact, we were at school together- and I came up from Dhaka for the occasion. In fact I had every intention of remaining in Japan, but since then I have changed mind and I am very much inclined to come back to work in native town. I have been away now for so long that I have very few contacts in Bangladesh. That is why I am writing to now. I should really be most grateful if could put me in touch with anyone who could help or advise.
  14. Please don’t put you to a lot of trouble on my behalf. Of course I haven’t forgotten you. I remembered you were as soon as I saw the signature at the foot of the letter. By a strange coincidence, were talking about you the other day. My friend, Mr. Altaf is the editor of a newspaper. He was rather worried because he is just about to lose anyone of top journalists. So far he has not been able to find someone to replace him. He wants anyone which was born and brought up here.
  15. One day a cowboy was tending their cows in the field. Many wolves lived in the forest. The cowboy would often cry out ‘Wolf! Wolf!’ in fun. The farmers working in the field heard his cries and thought that he had been really attacked by them. So, they all rushed to the spot to save the cowboy. But their surprise, they found no wolf there. Seeing them the boy began to laugh at them. He played the same trick for several times and the men were befooled. So, they became very angry. One day a wolf really came and attacked the cows. Now the cowboy cried out in fear but one time nobody came to help him. The wolf first killed them and at last it killed the boy.
  16. The teacher told his students that he liked them who were disciplined and punctual. Then he added that each of the students should complete their homework regularly. At last, he said that if you did not work regularly, your result would not be good. If they needed, I would guide them.One day a man came into a wood with an axe in its hand and begged all the trees to give him a small branch which it wanted for a particular purpose. There were good natured trees and gave him one of its branches. What the man did but fixed them into the axe head and soon set to work cutting down tree after tree.