English Suggestion for SSC Candidates – 2017

English Suggestion for SSC Candidates – 2017



  1. A School Magazine/ Library
  2. 21st February
  3. A Winter Morning/ Early Rising
  4. Tree plantation/ Deforestation
  5. A rainy day
  6. National flag
  7. Climate change
  8. Importance of learning English
  9. Pastime/ leisure pursuits
  10. Traffic Jam
  11. Beggar/Day Labourer/Farmer/Fisherman
  12. A Tea Stall /A book fair(2015)


  1. Bayazid’s devotion to his mother
  2. A Wood cutter and a fairy
  3. Sheikh Saadi and prestige of dress
  4. Slow and Steady wins the race
  5. Unity is Strength
  6. The cats and the Monkey
  7. A lion and the mouse  
  8. Honesty is the best police
  9. Who is to bell the cat?  
  10. A Greedy Farmer

Describing graphs/charts

  1. Literacy/ illiiteracy rate in Bangladesh
  2. Population growth/living below poverty line
  3. GPA-holder SSC Exam of BN School
  4. Young people’s changing attitude to past times
  5. Obtained marks and GPA in different subjects
  6. Students and the choice of their hobbies
  7. Time allocation of daily activities
  8. Result/Passing rate of different subjects

Informal Letter

  1. Thanking for friend’s hospitality   
  2. Benefit of reading newspaper
  3. Congratulation on brilliant successes
  4. Condolence at someone’s death
  5. Adopt unfair means in the examination  
  6. Co-curricular activities of school
  7. Bad effects of smoking
  8. Preparation/progress for SSC Examination


  1. Illiteracy problem
  2. Improving skill in English
  3. Importance of tree plantation
  4. Importance of reading newspaper
  5. Uses and abuses of mobile phone
  6. Choice of career/aim in life
  7. Between you and doctor
  8. Between you and  salesman
  9. What you will do after the SSC Exam

CV with Cover Letter

  1. For lecturer in English
  2. Probationary officer
  3. Marketing manager
  4. Sales officer/executive
  5. A librarian
  6. A medical representative

Formal Letter/Application

  1. Setting up common room/Increasing facilities
  2. Setting up debating/language/Computer club
  3. For staging a drama
  4. Seat in the hostel/Testimonial
  5. Sinking a deep tube well
  6. Opening a school library
  7. Full free studentship/poor fund
  8. To help the flood affected people
  9. Opening a relief camp/Relief goods and medical aids


  1. Wonders of Modern Science/Computer
  2. The season/game you like most
  3. Unemployment/Population problem
  4. Floods in Bangladesh
  5. Your Childhood Memories
  6. Value of time
  1. A Journey by……
  2. Importance of Physical Exercise
  3. Tree plantation
  4. Importance of Reading Newspaper
  5. Television