English Suggestion for JSC Examination – 2016

English Suggestion for JSC Examination – 2016


Seen Passage

  1. The word ‘hygiene’ means
  2. At the farthest corner of Bangladesh
  3. Communication of ideas
  4. Bangladeshi cuisine
  5. Human beings conquered
  6. The ethnic people in Bangladesh
  7. Health is the condition of our
  8. Zara lives with
  9. Once upon a time, a dove and a bat
  10. The Tha Kha floating market
  11. Runa Begum
  12. Thousands of years ago


  1. A School Magazine
  2. Your School Library
  3. Tree Plantation
  4. A Book Fair
  5. Traffic Jam
  6. A Tea Stall
  7. A railway/ bus station
  8. A Day Labourer/ A Street Hawker/ Beggar
  9. Rickshaw puller/ A Farmer
  10. Early Rising
  11. A moonlit night
  12. A Rainy Day


  1. Importance of reading newspaper
  2. Importance of tree plantation
  3. A patient and a doctor
  4. Future plan of life
  5. Eradication of illiteracy
  6. Benefits of early rising/ morning walk
  7. A customer and a sales man
  8. Plans after the exam
  9. Opening a bank account

Informal Letter

  1. Thanking him for his hospitality
  2. Take part in games and sports/physical exercise.
  3. Importance of reading newspaper
  4. Importance of Learning English
  5. How to learn English
  6. To be sincere and attentive to his studies.
  7. Consoling on father’s/mother’s death.
  8. Spend the summer vacation

Completing Story

  1. A hare and a tortoise
  2. The town of Hamelin
  3. A liar shepherd/ Cowboy
  4. A farmer had three sons
  5. Bayazid’s devotion
  6. A fox without a tail
  7. An honest wood cutter
  8. A thirsty crow
  9. The Lion and the Mouse
  10. Who will bell the cat
  11. Grapes are sour
  12. King Midas




  1. The duties of student
  2. Benefit of reading Newspaper
  3. The season/game you like most
  4. Wonders of modern science/Computer
  5. Physical exercise
  6. Value of time
  7. Uses and abuses of television
  8. Population problem

E- mail

  1. Preparation for JSC Exam
  2. Inviting to spend summer vacation
  3. Describing annual sports day at your school
  4. To father for sending some money
  5. Returning books
  6. Inviting to visit Bangladesh
  7. Wishing you happy birthday


  1. Common room/ common room facilities
  2. debating club
  3. Hostel
  4. Transfer certificate
  5. Permission to arrange a study tour
  6. Constructing/repairing-road/bridge
  7. Sinking tube well in your locality