Formation of Interrogative sentences with W/h question

Framing w/h question

W/h question: who, which, what, when, where, why, how, whose, whom


W/h+ auxiliary verb + sub + verb + ext +?
When did he leave? Why did you choose to keep your child? How did it get so late so soon? Where do you want to go today? Where do you work? When does she wake up? Whom did you see? How does this work? When did Nina sleep well? What did you do then? What would you like to eat? Who/whom/what do you want to see? What will he say? Who/whom/what did you see? About who/whom/what are you speaking? What do you mean? Who do you think is right?


 W/h + verb+ ext +?
Who wants to save the world? What is the use of a house? Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Why is a raven like a writing-desk? Who is your brother? Where are you from? Who is that man? When is your class? Are you from Canada? Whose are these keys? Who is knocking at the door? What is your phone number? Who came here in the morning? Which/what is better – wisdom or riches? What is a continent? Who knows the answer?


 W/h+ to be verb + sub + verb3 + ext +?
How was it done well? Why is it shown to him? What is it meant? When has the glass been broken? How is she informed tonight? Why can he be called today? What was he asked for? When have you been seen by me? How am I helped? By who/whom was this book written?


W/h + noun + auxiliary verb + sub + verb+ ext +?
Whose turn is it? Which colour do you want? How much wealth do you need? Which book have you lost that you are searching? Which book do you like? Which offer did he choose? What kind of place do you live in? Which painting do you like the best? Whose parents are coming to the meeting tomorrow? What time must we be there? What kind of music do you listen to? How much money do you have?