Tag Question

Tag Question

Tag Question

Definition: Tag means something small that is added on or attached after a sentence. In a tag question, the speaker makes a statement, but is not entirely certain of the truth, so a tag question is used to get the confirmation from the listeners. Sentences using the tag questions should have the main clause separated from the tag by a comma. The sentence will always end with a question mark.

Requirements        : Clear concept on Auxiliary Verb and Pronoun

Auxiliary verb

To be verb am, is, are, was, were
To have verb have, has, had
To do verb do, does, did
Modal auxiliary can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, ought to, need to, dare to, used to

 Pronoun: I, we, you, he, she, it, they, one, there

Look at the chart below.

Basic rules Imperative sentence
1. Put auxiliary verb

2. Either add n’t or escape

3. Use pronoun of subject

1. Imperative sentences normally start with

verb, let, please, kindly, always, never

Let us/ let’s = shall we

2. Rest of all Imperative sentences=will you/won’t you

3. Offer or invitation = won’t you

Look at the following example
Rana is a good boy, isn’t he?

Rani is not a good girl, is she?

You have done well, haven’t you?

We work hard, don’t we?

She works hard, doesn’t she?

He doesn’t read in this school, does he?

You worked hard, didn’t he?

Fishes cannot fly, can they?

The man would do it, wouldn’t he

We should learn English, shouldn’t we?

I ought to respect our elders, oughtn’t I?

Let us discuss the topic, shall we?

Let’s have a party, shall we?

Let me discuss it, will you/won’t you?

Let them have a party, will you/won’t you?

Open the door, will you/won’t you?

Please open the door, will you/won’t you?

Kindly do me a favour, will you/won’t you?

Always obey your seniors, will you/won’t you?

Never leave the honest path, will you/won’t you?


Explanation of basic rules

1. Use auxiliary verb that is given in the sentence.

If there is no auxiliary verb in the sentence, use to do verb.

Simple Present = do/does  (verb + s/es = does           Otherwise = do)

Simple Past = did

2.1  auxiliary verb + n’t

Exceptional: Am not =aren’t/ ain’t, cannot = can’t , shall not = shan’t, will not = won’t

2.2 No, never, not, neither, nobody, no one, none, nothing, scarcely, hardly, few, seldom, barely, rarely, too…..to, little etc express negative sense.

2.3 a/ the  + little or few = tag will be negative                        

3. Use personal pronouns like I, we, you, he, she, it, they, one along with there as subject of the tag

Reminder:    1. Only subject of a tag question affects the verb.

                        2. tag question starts with auxiliary verb

                        3. uncountable/invisible/distance/money/time/weight/volume takes singular subject

 Look at the following contraction

’m = am ’re=are/were
’ve = have ’ll =shall/will
’d = would/had (would+verb1/had+verb3) ’s = is/was/has (is+verb1+ing/has+verb3)    

 Look at the chart.

Subject of given sentences Subject of Tag Question
Male/The sun he
Female/The moon/Bangladesh she
Allah, Creator, God  He (first letter will be capital)
Object/thing/this/that/baby/child it
Third person plural/these/those they
everybody, everyone, anybody, anyone, somebody, someone, nobody, no one, none,  many a they
One one/he/she
nothing, anything, something, everything it
Abstract noun like the father, the mother, the sister, the brother, the lion, the fox, the beast it
There there
The + common noun (The poor/The rich/The educated etc) they
The Jury/the committee (same opinion)

The Jury/the committee (different opinion)



Exclamatory sentences without subject and verb assume according to the sentence
All of (us/you/them), neither of (us/you/them), Some of (us/you/them), Many of (us/you/them), Most of (us/you/them), Every one of (us/you/them), Each of (us/you/them), Either of (us/you/them) we/you/them
No + money/salt any
Infinitive (to+ verb) or Gerund (Verb + ing) it
Compound Subject
(231= 2nd person, 3rd person, 1st person) You, he and I we
Confessing guilt (123) I, you and he we
You and I we
He and I we
You and he You
He and she They
The + sub + and + the + sub

The + sub + and + sub

plural  subject

singular subject

Two subjects added with as well as, with, together with, along with, accompanied by, in addition to, either..or, neither…nor, not only…but also, both….and Plural subject
a lot of, all, any, either—-or, neither—-nor, some, the rest, no, none, one-third, two-fifth, three-fourth, one tenth+ singular/plural singular subject


Exercises on tag question

She is pretty, –? You have done well, –? He will play football, –? She can play the piano, –? He may pass the exam, –? The man would do it, —? A good student is always attentive to his study, –? Arif read a story book yesterday, –?  Arif’s performance is praiseworthy, –? Bangladesh is a small country,–? I had a bad headache yesterday, –? Rina will sing a folk song, –? Her mother couldn’t walk, –? Man cannot live alone, –? Man cannot live without food, –? Susmita will sing a song, –? The brave should be encouraged, –? The idle cannot prosper, –? To err is human, –? We have to study English, –? We must eat vegetables, –? We ought to respect our teachers, –? We should learn English for our experience, –? You don’t know it, –? You need not go there, –? He need to do it, –? She needs to save it, –? He doesn’t read in this school, –? He didn’t take sugar in the tea, –? He dare not do it, –? He need not go there, –? Man is not immortal, –? She can play the piano, –? Rina will sing a folk song, –? Fishes can swim, –? He used to like you, –? Mr Brown teaches us English, –? Harun plays cricket, –?  Education broadens the mind, –? Rahim went to Dhaka yesterday, –? Rima cooked rice, –? My friends play football, –? He invited me, –?  A lie never lies hidden for long, –? I prefer milk to tea, –? Grammeen bank provides loan to the poor, –? He hit us, –? The moon shines at night, –? America attacked Iraq, –? The nun leads a simple life, –? The sun having set, we reached home, –? The sun shines by day, –? Time and tide wait for none, –? We need good friends, –? Your mother prepared the cup of coffee, –? Your niece looks beautiful, –? He needs it, –? They came here, –? Reza got a job, –? She kept silent, –? She told me the matter, –? A barking dog seldom bites, –? A   good rain can give us some relief, –?

The baby is crying for its mother, –?  The dog is a faithful animal, –? This is a nice book, –? These sounds can be easily avoided, –? This book is rare now, –? That sounds good, –? That sounds great, –? The baby begins to cry, –?


Shut the door, –? Close the book, –?   Respect the old, –?  Open the door, –?   Wait here a moment, –?  Open the door, –? Open the window, –? Shut up, –? Study attentively, –? Tell me your address, –? Write a short composition, –? Wait a moment, –? Sit down please, –? Give me a glass of water, –? Give me a hand, –? Lend me your car please, –? Please lend me some money, –?  Please help me, –? Please lend me some money, –? Kindly do me a favour, –? Never tell a lie, –? Don’t forget me, –?  Don’t boil rice, –? Don’t disturb me, –?  Don’t make a noise, –? Do not touch live electric wire, –?  Don’t forget me, –? Do not hate the poor, –? Bring me a book, –? Call in a doctor, –? Do not do it again, –? Do your study in time, –? Don’t be late, –? Don’t do there alone, –? Don’t drop the vase, –? Don’t forget me, –?  Don’t waste time, –? Let me come in to the room, –? Let me speak the truth, –? Let her discuss the matter, –? Let him build his nation, –? Let them play cricket, –? Let me have a walk, –? 

Let us discuss the topic, –? Let us go home, –? Let’s go out, –? Let’s have a party, –? Let’s have some fun, –? Let’s speak the truth, –? Let’s discuss the matter, –? Let us build our nation, –? Let us work together, –? Let’s arrange a picnic, –? Let’s play cricket, –? Let’s have a walk, –?  Let’s go on a picnic, –? Let’s have a walk by the riverside, –?


I’m waiting for him, –? I’ll your well wishers, –? I am a student, –? I can be happy, –? I will be ten years old, –? I shall be punctual, –?  I am glad to see you, –? I will be happy, –? I am late for home, –? I am pleased, –?  He’ll play football, –? I am ten years old, –? I shall help you, –? I’m your friend, –? You will be late today, –? You’ll never been paris, –? You’re happy, –? They’ll not follow you, –? They will go to the Zoo, –? They cannot tell the false, –? He will finish the work, –? He’ll play football, –? I’m not telling a lie, –? I’m really happy, –? He’s hungry, –? I’m late, –? I’m not really starving, –? I’m not well, –?  I‘m pleased at his conduct, –? I’m your well wisher, –? He’d go there, –? She’d catch fish, –?  He’d gone there, –? He’d done it, –?  He’d finished the work, –? Toma’s missed it, –?  He’s going to dance club, –? He’s reading yesterday, –? It‘s hardly rained at all this summer, –?  He’d done the work, –? It’s hardly rained during the rainy season, –? There’s been an accident, –? You’ve done a lot of mistakes, –? He’s reading yesterday, –? It‘s hardly rained at all this summer, –? There’s too much work to do, –? He’d finished the work, –? My father’s birthday is on April, 20 –? You’d get a job, –? You’d rather go, –? He’d gone there, –? He’s working now, –? He’s worked a lot, –? He’d go there, –? He’d gone there, –?


Everybody should do his duty,–? Somebody wanted to go with you,–? Everybody should help me,–? Everybody could understand it,–? Everybody played well, –? Everyone wants to be happy, –? Everybody welcomed you,–? Everybody can read books,–? Everyone knows it,–? Everybody saw you, –? Many a rose is born to blush unseen,–? Many a man will come, –? Everybody played well, –? Everybody warned you, –? Everyone could understand it, –? Many a rose is born to blush unseen, –? Many a man will come, –? Nobody called me, –? None can do it, –? Nobody Phoned, –? Neither of them went, –? Neither of them did it, –? None can avoid death –? Nobody attended the meeting, –? None came forward, –? None of them knew the answer,–? Nobody believed him, –? Nobody called me, –? Nobody phoned him, –? None can do it, –? No one would object, –?

Everybody has self of respect, –? Everybody is dancing, –? Everybody desires success, –? Everybody likes flower, –? Every mother loves her child, –? Everybody is liable to error, –?  Every teacher loves his student, –? Everybody knows it, –? Everyone knows it, –? Everyone likes an honest man, –? Everybody was there, –?  No one is free from mistake, –? Nobody has done it, –? Nobody dislikes flower, –? Nobody believes him, –? Nobody believes a liar, –?


One can help you, –? One will know it, –? One should do one’s duty, –? One can be succeeded in without it, –?  One will join us, –? One may fail, –? One has to do it, –? One has to be conscious, –? One person cannot be called people, –? One could conceive of it, –?  One saw that coming, –?  One knows it, –? One can say about it, –? One will speak more respectfully, –? One may almost doubt, –? One farmer says to me, –? One had written a composition, –? One chose the horse, –? One should take care of one’s health, –?


Nothing can happen, –? Nothing can revive this worse situation, –? Nothing comes or goes, –? Nothing is certain, –? Nothing remains certain, –? Nothing terrible has happened, –? Nothing was done, –? Nothing is impossible, –? Nothing is certain, –? Everything looked beautiful, –? Something should be done, –? Nothing can concern you, –? Nothing comes from nothing, –? Nothing is impossible in this world, –? Everything looked beautiful, –? Everything looked nice, –? Nothing can satisfy him, –? Nothing comes of goes, –? Nothing is certain in this world, –? Nothing is certain, –? Nothing is working, –? Nothing remains certain, –? Nothing was done, –? Something is better than nothing, –? Everything was alright, –? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, –?


He hardly comes here, –? He hardly believes me, –? Nobody called you, –? He has little idea, –? He seldom comes here, –? I have few friends, –? We see him scarcely, –? It hardly rained at all this summer, –? It hardly rains here, –? It’s hardly rained during the rainy season, –? Someone has stolen his pen, –? Somebody has called, –? Somebody wanted a pen, –? Somebody wanted to drink, –? Rumi hardly goes to market, –? She scarcely goes to market, –? Salam hardly comes here, –? I have few friends, –? We see him scarcely, –? My friends and I hardly go there, –? He spent few hours with us, –? The little girl knew a little of the matter, –? The oldest of the men little thinks about death, –? He hardly believes me, –? He hardly realise it,–? He hardly studies, –? He has few friends, –? He seldom comes here, –? An ideal student hardly studies, –? I go there hardly, –? I have few story books, –? I have hardly seen him, –? I have a little rice, –? I have a few books, –? I shall never tell a lie, –?I could hardly go there,–? He rarely remembers his past,–? Few people were present there,–? There’s little we can do about it,–? It’s hardly rained this summer,–?


There is no king in China, –?  There is a mistake, –? There are many books on the table, –? There is not any cloud in the sky, –? There is a mistake, –? There is no pond in this village, –? There wasn’t enough time, –? There’s been an accident, –? There has been an accident, –? There is no pond in the village, –? There is no water in the glass, –? There is something wrong, –? There was none there, –? There’s a big match tonight, –? There’s a lot of talk of a new restaurant, –?


The girl in her pleased us all, –?  The father rose in him, –? The mother rose in her, –? The brother in him arose, –? The father rose in him, –? The boy in him pleased us all, –? The brother in him rose, –? The girl in her will surprise you, –? The girl in her surpried us all, –? The fox is found in him, –? The beast was noticed in her, –? A healthy man can reside only in a healthy body,–?


All of them hate her, –? Each of us has our problem, –? Neither of the boys is honest, –? Neither of them complained, –? Neither of them did it, –? Neither of them is guilty, –? Neither of them was responsible, –? Neither of them went there, –? Neither of them will go there, –? Neither Rafiq nor his friend helped us, –? Each of us has our problem, –? Each of the boys got a prize, –? Either you or your brother came here, –? Each of them got ten taka, –? Neither of them went, –? Anything of these novels is very interesting, –? Somebody of these people has done this, –?  None attended the seminar, –?  Nothing of them is valueless, –? Nothing was right, –?  Neither of these books is ready for sale, –?  Either of these buses goes past our college, –?  Something of those items was very alluring, –?  Everyone who majors in architecture and fine arts studies History of Art 450, –?  Someone (of them) has broken this glass, –?  No other country in the world is as evergreen as Bangladesh, –?  Each of the applicants is eligible for this post, –?  Anyone of them is competent for this post, –?  Every learner in this institution gets a reasonable amount of stipend, –?  It seems to her that no other subject has so complexity as philosophy, –?  Nothing has been considered right, –? Nobody was praised and awarded by the committee , –?


The moon, Homeland, Titanic, Train, Ship, The Earth, Boat, The Spring, Bus, River, Nature, Liberty, Justice, Mercy, Hope, Aeroplane, Charity, Love, Steamer, The Autumn, Launch ….. Subject will be she.
The Sun, cold, Summer, Winter, Fire, death, Storm, Flood, war, winter, Sidr, Tidal bore, Tidal wave, Earthquake, Cyclone …… Subject will be he.                                                                 
The moon has hidden her face behind the cloud, –? The spring came with all her beauties, –?  Bangladesh is not rich in mineral resources, –?   The Jamuna Express is running at a full speed, –?  The Titanic sank at her first voyage, –? Bangladesh provides us with all amenities, –? Death comes without ones notice, –? Because of hunger the baby is crying for its mother, –? The ship was carrying a lot of people from Dhaka to Barisal, –? Extreme cold sometimes snatches away the lives of some old people, –?


The teacher as well as the workers may come, –? The prime minister with all the members of the cabinet went to the U.S.A, –?  I along with my friends enjoyed a picnic last month, –? The headmaster along with other teachers went to Dhaka, –? The Headmaster and the secretary said many things, –? The teacher as well as the workers may come, –? The prime minister with all the members of the cabinet went to the U.S.A, –? The man along with his family went to Dhaka, –? The boy as well as his brothers has come, –?  Suma together with Sumi came to my office, –?  The teacher as well as the students was present, –?  The students went to the principal and demanded new facilities in their college library, –?  Mr. Hassan along with his son visited our house,–?  Excitement, as well as nervousness, is the cause of her shaking, –? The politician, along with the newsmen, is expected shortly,–? (i) Supti as well as Dolly was responsible for that, werent they? I, with my friends, teachers and other colleagues, am going to enjoy the match, –? The man, along with his manager and some friends, is going to the party, –? Karina together with her friends has attended the party, –? Rita, accompanied by her husband and three children, has left Dhaka today, –? Salina in her friends company attends the seminar today, –? Edge modem together with TV card and LAN card has been installed with motherboard, –?  Edge modem together with speakers and magnetic devices does not get network properly, –? Nishat as well as her friend Nusrat has been given the highest marks, –? Nilufar accompanied by her parents was going to market in the evening that day, –? Biometrics including some other important subjects has been introduced to this present course, –?  Navana in her friends company has got to the spot in time, –? Our Managing Director along with some high officials attended the seminar on VoIP, –? Neither Hasnat nor Abeer was present in the meeting that day, –?  Either Sushil or Sunil has done the work, –?


No money is allowed, –?   No salt is allowed, –?


To learn a language is like riding a cycle, –? To err is human, –? Walking is a good exercise, –? Swimming is good for health, –? Acquiring a language is more successful, –? Learning is like riding a cycle, –?  Feeding is a big challenge, –?  Swimming has been my passion, –?  Eating people is wrong, –?  Hunting tigers is dangerous, –? Flying makes me nervous, –?  Brushing your teeth is importan, –? Smoking causes lung cancer, –?  Acting is fun, –?  Playing football is disgusting, –?  Walking on the beach is painful, –?  To help the poor and the wretched is not less important than our regular prayers, –? Reading various types of journals helps a student make thesis paper, –? Supplying electricity everywhere in Bangladesh is considered a mammoth task, –? To study properly for cutting a brilliant figure in the exam should be the prime concern of the students, , –?  In the evening everyday playing football helps us build up our body, –? To tell a lie is a great sin, –? Visiting different countries widens our knowledge, –? To develop infrastructure can help us improve social and economic conditions to some extent, –? Using Bluetooth technology is one of the ways to connect internet, –? To mail anybody anywhere is now nothing but a single click of computer or a little touch of mobile

keypad, –?


You and I are best friends, –? My parents and I are happy, –? You and he went there, –? You and I came to terms, –? My father and I were happy, –? (a) She did not attend the party and neither did I, –? Sampa did not attend the conference, and her younger sister did not either, –? Shimla went there, and her friend did also, –? The girl hasnt worked out the sum, and her friend hasnt either, –? Professor Bulbul didnt ask any oral test instead of taking a final exam, and Jennie did not either, –?  Jane wont go to the party and neither will her younger sister, –? Your class has not started yet, and neither has mine, –? She will talk to him, and I will also, –? The manager did not attend the meeting, and neither did the director, –? The committee changed the decision, and so did the others, –? Laila helps him do the laundry, and so does her mother, –? The boy hasnt done it, and neither has his friend, –?

The helpless will be helped, –? The educated should be free from superstition, –? The helpless should be helped, –? The Idle cannot prosper in life, –? The unfed should be fed, –? The brave deserve the fear, –? The brave fight with courage, –?  The strong always oppress the weak, –? The rich are not always happy, are they? The brave always deserve the fair, –? The pious will be rewarded in the next world, –? The idle never can shine in life, –? In the society the dishonest can deserve respect from others a little, –?  The courageous make the difficult easy, impossible possible and unseen seen, –? Everywhere in the world the honest are respected by all, –? The talented very often endeavour to evaluate the merit of other scholars, –? All the while the strong depress the weak, –?  The feeble should not be humiliated in such a manner, –?

How fine the flower is! –? How lovely the bird is, –? How nice the flower is, –? How sweet the birds sing, –? How time does fly, –? What a pity, –? How odd, –? What a shame, –? How funny, –?  How interesting, –? How awful, –?


All of the forged money was found at last, –? None of the applicants have been selected, –? No instance was relevant to the case, –? No examples are relevant to the matter, –? One-third of the amount was spent and now the rest (of the amount) is mine, –? One-fifth of the students attended the seminar, –? Either Susan or Jennie is going to the party tonight, –? Either Suma or her friends have done this, –? Neither Shovel nor his parents are going to the sea-beach today, –? Neither Sohag nor Jemmy was awarded by the authority, –? Some students were permitted to consult with the teachers about this, –? Some water was dirty, –? On the eve of Christmas, all students were absent, –? All rice was sold in the market, –? The first four problems are very hard, but the rest (of the problems) seem to be easy, –? Any (amount of) contribution is acceptable, –? Any men are eligible for this post, –? The rest of the money was kept idle, –? Neither Hasnat nor Abeer was present in the meeting that day, –? Either Sushil or Sunil has done the work, –?


Twenty dollars does not go far, –? Five miles is the distance to the office, –? The staff is meeting in the conference room, –?  The staffs are persuading their clients to sign up again new, –? The congress has initiated a pragmatic step to solve the problem, –? Even the congresses have not the right to violate this rule for their own benefits, –? The crowd was making an unbearable noise, –? The crowd have no thought of losing anything, –? The audience keeps silent atmosphere in the hall-room, –? The audience play a vital role in stage-drama, –? The committee has decided about taking some immediate forceful actions, –? The committee have the bill passed for the rapid progress of the project, –? The majority believes him to be honest, –? The majority of the members believed her to be innocent, –? Our team is going to play tomorrow, –? Our team with their new jerseys played well, –? The jury was unique in the opinion, –? The jury were divided to that matter, –? The family has not left Dhaka yet, –? The family very often gave him financial as well as psychological support, –? Thirty minutes is not enough time to finish this work, –? A school of fish has been attacked by sharks, –? A flock of birds were flying in the sky, –? The jury gave their opinions separately, –? The class have served every teacher with delicious foods, –?

Extensive Rules

Tag will be followed according to the principal clause of complex sentence. If two clauses are added by that/than/when, tag will be followed by the last sentence.

If you pinch me, I will feel pain, –?  If you work hard, you must do well, –? No one knows what’ll happen next, –?  It is man who pollutes the environment, –? The girl who came to me is my sister, –? When he came, I was sleeping, –? Men who live long grow old, –? Men who live long will say it, –? When you go there, I will meet you,–? It is found that an ancient king had many wives,–? I asked him if he had done his assignment,–? Though he was very rich, he was still very unhappy,–? She returned the computer after she noticed it was damaged,–? When the cost goes up, customers buy less clothing,–? As she was bright and ambitious, she became manager in no time,–? Wherever you go, you can always find beauty,–? The movie, though very long, was still very enjoyable,–? Evergreen trees are a symbol of fertility because they do not die in the winter,–? He got a part in a movie although the part was a small one,–? The museum was very interesting as I expected,–? As he is rich, people respect him,–? The professional, who had been thoroughly trained, was at a loss to explain,–? When she was younger, she believed in fairy tales. After the tornado hit the town, there was little left standing. I have to save this coupon because I don’t have time to shop right now,–? Let’s go back to the restaurant where we had our first date,–? Although my cousin invited me, I chose not to go to the reunion,–? As genes change over time, evolution progresses,–? I really didn’t like the play although the acting was very good,–? Everyone laughed when he got a cream pie smashed in his face,–?  The man who won the first prize in the competition was hailed very warmly, –? After Simi had studied a lot, she got A+ in the HSC Exam though she was an irregular student, –?  Her pen friend told her that he might visit Bangladesh in the winter season for which they were ready, –?  Walk fast lest you should miss the train, –? The lady guest whom the writer had met at Foyots, a fashionable restaurant in Paris, was more than 40, –?  The boy unexpectedly failed in the examination though he was always engaged in study, –? Porna could not meet her friend when she went there, –? The girl who cut a brilliant figure in the last examination is now insufficiently attentive to study, –? Its many years since we first met at Foyots, –? Please wait here until I come, –? If the people of Bangladesh were educated, they could live a healthy and planned life, –? Hed have attended the party if he had been invited in time, –? Lora did not get A+ though she was very meritorious, –? As Bangladesh is a small country with large population, there remain a lot of problems, –? Lucy can shine in life if she studies sincerely, –? The woman had won the first prize in the competition before she was hailed very warmly, –? After Nuzhat had studied a lot, she got A+ in the HSC Examination, –? The boy went to college after he had completed his homework, –? The man attended the seminar after composing the song, –? Before going to market for shopping, the gentleman always takes his credit card with him, –? Pias cannot solve the problem unless he gets help from his friend, –? The patient had died before the doctor came, –? If you study well, you can get better grade, –? Please wait here until I come back, –? Since Bangladesh is a corrupted country, she cant produce honest devotees, –?  The writer had received a letter from the lady guest before he entertained her at Foyots, –? Nova will get A+ if she studies a lot, –? Hed attend the party unless he got sick, –? Before appearing at the HSC Exam, every student should study sincerely, –? The patient died after the doctor had come, –?


I think that he is right, –? He told that you were not at home,–?  I think that he is right, –? The visitor that he guided was not a man, –? It is hoped that he will come in time, –? They said that the movie was fantastic,–? He said that he was so disappointed,–? We think that we can touch the stars,–? This is the house that Jack built,–? He will understand that I was not joking,–? Pinto tasted the wine that his mother bought for him,–? He said (that) he was enjoying his work,–? I believe that he is innocent,–? She said that she can speak three languages,–? I suspect that she eloped with her boyfriend,–? It was rather a shock that she should forget me so quickly,–? The teacher should know that everything is unacceptable,–? It surprised me that he was still in bed,–? She made it clear that she wouldn’t accept the proposal,–? I hope that you will enjoy your holiday,–? She didn’t really think that it would happen,–? I knew that I had seen her somewhere before,–? They admitted that they had made a mistake,–? She argued that they should invest more in the business,–? He made a promise that he would do all he could to help,–? I had a funny feeling that something was wrong,–? She pointed out the danger that they might be left behind,–? There was a chance that we would succeed,–? I am sorry that you can’t come,–? Everybody was pleased that the danger was past,–? It is lucky that you were able to drive us home,–? Everyone agrees that we have to act quickly,–? It’s easy to forget that she’s just a child,–? Recent research proves that global warming is already a reality,–? The children complained that they had nothing to do,–? Jerry said that he was responsible for breaking the axe-handle, –? I think, you are the right person for doing this job, –? The man thought that his sons might be involved in corruption, –? The foreigner remarks that free and fair election is the precondition for forming democratic government, –?  We do not suppose that he is hungry, –? Sabuz informed that everything should have been processed prior to that, –? She persuades that I should help her younger sister anyway, –? The President opines that the bill ought not to be resubmitted, ought it? The tourist-guide cites that the spot deserves to be a world heritage site, doesnt it? (a) He does not think that his younger sister is guilty for that, –? The lady said that she had been asked to pay for it illegally, –? The chairman of the department never opines that computer lab facility should be lessened, –? (d) The poet utters, the wretched people should not be kept hungry, –? The economist comments all hoarded merchandises have to be sold at a reasonable price, –?

No sooner had the sun risen than the fog disappeared,–?  No sooner had I finished my studies than I got a good job,–?   No sooner had the sun disappeared below the horizon than darkness began to envelop the planet,–?  No sooner had the police left the scene than trouble started brewing again,–? Hardly had the child started crying when his mother lifted him up,–?  Hardly had I gone to bed when I fell asleep,–?  Hardly had I taken a dose of medicine when I started feeling better,–?  Scarcely had I reached the station when the train arrived,–?  Scarcely had I eaten the fish, when I started feeling sick,–?  Scarcely had they completed the work when they demanded the wages ,–? As soon as the rumour spread out, everybody got frightened, –? No sooner had the Principal entered the auditorium than all the teachers stood up, –? Nothing could be controlled as soon as the robot got powered, –? No sooner had the bell rung than all the learners went out, –? Julia burst out laughing as soon as the result was declared, –? No sooner had the teacher entered the classroom than all the students stood up, –? As soon as the police got to the spot, the swindlers ran away, –? No sooner had the student finished his writing than the bell rang, –? (d) Nobody tried to go out as soon as the alarm was heard, –?


Prepositional phrases between the subject and verb usually do not affect tag question.

The learning of these new things is no longer interesting, –? Several theories of this subject have been accepted, –? People walking on the road are also inhaling this gas, –? The sound of the workers dragging the logs was nothing but rhythmic, –? During these years, the effects of this crime have been likely to be devastating, –? The fright of rape, outrage and robbery has caused many citizens to flee the towns, –? The colour of these books and scripts looks fine, –? Many novels written by this writer were not published in his lifetime, –? The affluent in many developed countries scarcely contribute to the development of the poor countries, –? The importance of independence of different countries cannot be ignored, –? Many doctrines of Charles Darwin have already been proved right, –? The sound of the boy dragging the brush annoyed me, –? Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) in banking sectors has revolutionised money exchange policies, –? Adverse effects caused by smoking cannot be denied, –?


If a clause consists of what, where, how, why, when, which, whose, whom, that, whatever, whoever, whichever, wherever, whenever, whosever, whomever as subject or object in a sentence, subject of the tag will be it/he/they.

That Nishat cut a brilliant figure in the HSC Exam is known to us all, –? In the morning daily why the lady goes out for at least one hour has made her family members perplexed, –? Everybody knows what he has done for us, –? Where you will meet your friend definitely can be an important issue, –? Who would be the next chairman of their department was not decided up to the interim exam, –? The boy unconsciously did what he was forbidden to do, –? What has been done cannot be undone, –? Whatever has been drawn by the beginners deserves fair evaluation, –? Whomever you nominate for the committee will be selected finally, –? Whose laptop supports this 3D game has definitely been invited to this competition, –? (k) Which / Whose laptop supports this 3D game definitely uses Intel dual core 2 processor, –? Whom you know well is completely unknown to me, –? Who / Whom was awarded Nobel Prize last year has been invited to our party tonight, –? In the examination hall how Susana answers all the unknown and difficult questions is a great mystery to us, –? Whose car has got the permission to park here is not known to us, –? That scientists have landed on the moon need not have elucidation, –? In our country why people are not very active has been the core research theme of an NGO, –? Who has invented hydro-fuel kit for running car using water will be praised worldwide soon, –?



Exceptional tag question

  1. Allah/God only can help us, can’t He?
  2. Messi, isn’t he?
  3. Goodbye, don’t I?
  4. Thank you, don’t I?
  5. Who cares, do they?
  6. Happy birthday, don’t I?
  7. Good morning, don’t I?
  8. Sweety used to tell a lie, didn’t she?
  9. Mou, aren’t you?
  10. The visitor that he guided was not a man, was she?
  11. That he is honest is known to all, isn’t it?
  12. That the earth rounds the sun is universal, isn’t it?
  13. Two and two make four, don’t they?
  14. A boy like you should do this, shouldn’t you?
  15. The sooner, the better, isn’t it?
  16. Slow and steady win the race, don’t they?
  17. What is lotted cannot be blotted, can it?
  18. All that glitters is not gold, is it?
  19. Waste not, want not, will you?
  20. Many men, many minds, isnt it?
  21. Alls well that ends well, arent they?
  22. Harm hatch, harm catch, isnt it?
  23. Give him an inch, and he will take an ell, wont he?
  24. The more laws, the more offenders, isnt it?
  25. Ill got ill spent, isnt it?
  26. Tit for tat, isnt it?
  27. Nero fiddles while Rome burns, doesnt he? / isnt it?
  28. Grasp all, lose all, isnt it?
  29. No pains, no gains, is it?
  30. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet, –?
  31. Many men, many minds, –?
  32. Might is right, –?
  33. Faults are thick where love is thin, –?
  34. Man proposes but God disposes, –?


a) Being the pain-bearer, every mother in all countries and in all ages loves her child, _______?

b) No sooner had the rocket landed on the moon than the three astronauts began to think themselves gainers, _______?

c) According to the rule of nature, altering any of the environmental elements will change the whole atmosphere, _______?

d) To do well in the examination and to get to the climax of success, one should be perseverant, _______?

e) The wretched cannot deserve the due honour from society, _______?

f) Nobody can escape death because it is the ultimate doom to everybody, _______?

g) In this multinational company, each of the officials receives a handsome amount of money as remuneration, ______?

h) No sooner had he seen the army than he ran away, ________?

i) The lady speaks as though she knew everything, _______?

j) This year in summer its hardly rained though it was essential for irrigation, _______?

k) In the evening daily Jafor as well as Joni goes to market for recreation, _______?

l) Our native pop singer Mukti with her parents, friends and fans was supposed to attend the seminar, ______?

m) After returning from the party Simla became so much tired. Thats why feeling drowsy she hardly spent any time to go to bed, ______?

n) Sunil need not attend the meeting now though he was invited, _______?

o) The lady even at the eleventh hour has got the information about that top-secret nowhere else, _______?

p) Professor Bulbul didnt ask any oral test instead of taking a final exam, and Jennie did not either, ______?

q) As it was raining heavily, Naina could scarcely go outside and post the letter to ask money from her father, ______?

r) Of course, I will come back soon. Just wait here for only ten minutes. You need to do nothing here, ______?

s) How will you do it? I cant ponder over it anything. If you have a solution, never forget to have a phone call as soon as possible, ______?

t) If I were you, I would not do this, ______?

u) There is a very interesting match on television today. Lets enjoy the match all together in no time just after having completed the work at our hands, ______?

v) Our National Football and Cricket Association dared not approve the drug-addicted players to join the team, ______?

w) In our country no other problem is as acute and irremediable as it, ______?

x) It is I who am your friend, _______?

y) Neither of these books is ready for sale, ______?

z) Rimi has few excuses for staying here like Nishi, _______?


a) What is lotted cannot be blotted, _______?

b) Very few students are as meritorious as Nabil, _______?

c) In the morning daily you used to take a cup of coffee and have a morning walk by the lakeside, _______?

d) You, she and I talked with our course teacher yesterday, _______?

e) In the new introduced section of class eleven each boy and each girl is very active and studious, _______?

f) After getting promotion even on some rigid conditions none of the boys has got qualified marks in those subjects, ______?

g) Though cut off from the rest of the world there lives a musician in this remote village, _______?

h) Just seeing the strange picture why the newcomer became puzzled and was in a fix even still today overwhelms each of the witnesses, ______?

i) It is many years since I came to Dhaka, _______?

j) As soon as the passenger got to the airport, the plane was about to take off, _______?

k) In fact, everything glorious and dignified is achieved through much effort, _______?

l) Few subjects are as easy as history, _______?

m) You, Shelley, Polly and Molly committed the crime, _______?

n) The man who won the first prize in the competition was hailed very warmly, _______?

o) After Shimi had studied a lot, she got A+ in the HSC Exam though she was an irregular student, _____?

p) No other island in the world is as large as Australia, _______?

q) Rafija, accompanied by her husband and three children, has left Dhaka today, _______?

r) The sound of the workers dragging the logs was nothing but rhythmic, _______?

s) Everyone who majors in architecture and fine arts studies History of Art 450, _______?

t) Her pen friend told her that he might visit Bangladesh in the winter season for which they were ready, _______?

u) Either Susan or Jennie is going to the party tonight, _______?

v) In the whole universe nothing is sweeter than money, _______?

w) Your class has not started yet, and neither has mine, _______?

x) All that glitters is not gold, _______?

y) Every member of this computer club makes a fresher understand everything, _______?


01) The driver of the bus had the passengers get off abruptly and unexpectedly, –?

02) My dad will let me drive his car, –?

03) No other nation in the whole world is so corrupted as ours, –?

04) None could solve that critical problem, –?

05) The drivers are going to repair their cars before they go to Malagasy, –?

06) They had consulted with their lawyer about their decision, –?

07) Lila, Lima and Suma must have read this novel last night, –?

08) The immigration officers approved the appeal of the novices, –?

09) The history of Bangladesh is not less important than that of other countries, –?

10) Daisy has to read at least three books daily, –?

11) I cannot let you do this work, –?

12) Mummy would let me buy that new dress, –?

13) Most of the candidates have their names printed on the ballot in the countrywide election, –?

14) The National Football and Cricket Association of that country dared not approve the drug-addicted players to join the team, –?

15) Most doctors agree that the fluid around the spinal cord helps nourish the brain, –?

16) Jinni said that she would help them to find the new place, –?

17) At first when I was learning to drive, my father did not let me use his car, –?

18) He must have measured everything, –?

19) Excessive water makes plants turning brown on the edges of their leaves, –?

20) I want to get the house reconstructed before summer, –?

21) Nobody thinks that they can get Suzanne to take them all to Toronto, –?

22) Marry had a friend type all of her papers, –?

23) His mother lets her cook in a solar pond, –?

24) The pen is mightier than the sword, –?

25) Her father rebuked her extremely, –?

26) There have been significant changes in the types of entertainment over time, –?

27) Folk music or palligeeti is now sung with western instruments, –?

28) People living near riverbanks have to bear the brunt of the erosion, –?

29) The government has taken up a scheme to protect some of the areas from the greedy clutches of the River Meghna, –?

30) For men, their traditional dress consists of a long robe and a piece of cloth covering the head, –?

31) The men in India wear heavy and expensive achkan suits on formal occasions, –?

32) When it is really hot, it is usual to take off the jacket, –?

33) British eating habits are very different now from thirty years ago, –?

34) In Britain most people use knives and forks for eating, –?

35) But in fact it comes from Britain, –?

36) The traditional breakfast accompanied by toast with butter, jam and marmalade, –?

37) On other days, the main cooked meal is usually in the evening, –?

38) American society is geared to the three-meal system, –?

39) All these make driving in Bangladesh a nightmare experience, –?

40) The whole country has fairly good communication network now, –?

Passage Type / Dialogue Form Tag:

  1. Rishad as well as Bashir is going to visit the Fantasy Kingdom today, ________?

Many of their neighbours are also going there. But nobody can start journey unless it stops raining,


The spot is quite far from here. The journey will take not less than one hour, ________?

Its hardly possible to go there today, ________? So, next day how they will arrange everything has

been a critical question for them, ________?

  1. : Congratulations, Shila. Nobody has made such an excellent result from this college like you, (a)


: Thanks. But my parents and teachers also deserve the credit, (b) _______?

: Youre right. We ought to remain grateful to them, (c) _______?

: Certainly. You wasted away your valuable time a little, (d) _______?

: Yes. Proper study brings good results. None can cut a brilliant figure in the exam without studying

properly, (e) _______?

  1. : Hi Shamim, why are you staying here alongside the road?

: Actually Sujon is supposed to come here and I am waiting for him, (a) ________?

: Sujon? I also have come to meet him, (b) _______?

: Has he told you about anything?

: No. He just told me to meet him here. Nothing has been told more than that, (c) _______?

: So far as I know, he wants to go to the fair, (d) _______?

: Really? Oh, heres Sujon coming. Lets discuss this with him, (e) _______?

  1. : Do you know anything about computer?

: Of course, it is fairly a recent invention, (a) _______?

: In which sector computer does not play a vital role is a big question for the present time, (b) _____?

: Really, there exist very few spheres of our life which are not influenced by computer, (c) _______?

: Once abacus was the first step to computer. In that sense, every device that helps people to perform

mathematical calculation can be called computer, (d) _______?

: But now its working spheres have spread and changed a lot. Daily its changing. Lets hope for the

next revolutionary change, (e) _______?

  1. : Gradually my hair is getting grey. I dont like grey hair. I as well as my elder brother am fond of

black hair, (a) _______?

: Im also like you. But my younger sister likes black hair a little, (b) _______? Actually she likes

grey hair and so she very often bleaches her hair, (c) _______? But I dye my hair after every two

months to look them black.

: Dying or bleaching is very harmful for hair, (d) _______? You can use natural dying instead of

chemical ones, (e) _______?

  1. : Nusrat, have you read „Lalshalu?

: Yes, I have. Methinks, no other Bengali novel has exposed the so-called social backward and

prejudiced pictures as acutely as this, (a) ________?

: Youre right. Neither bigotry nor prejudice was ignored in this novel, (b) _______?

: In fact, how skilfully the novelist delineated all those social pictures stills puzzles everybody, (c)


: Oh! Nishat, youve come. We were talking about „Lalshalu. Definitely youve to read it.

: I scarcely miss reading this type of book, (d) _______? I read it five years ago, (e) _______?

  1. : Reshma, are you going to join the picnic?

: Yes, of course. I along with my elder sister am going, (a) _______?

: But nobody will help you there, (b) _______? Nothing important is available there, (c) _______?

Despite these obstacles, how you venture to go there really astounds me, (d) _______?

: No problem. Near the picnic spot, there lives my brother-in-law, (e) _______? He has ensured



  1. arent they? can they? will it? is it? hasnt it?
  2. (a) have they? (b) dont they? (c) oughtnt we? (d) did you? (e) can they?
  3. (a) arent I? (b) havent I? (c) has it? (d) doesnt he? (e) shall we?
  4. (a) isnt it? (b) isnt it? (c) do there? (d) cant they? (e) shall we?
  5. (a) arent we? (b) does she? (c) doesnt she? (d) arent they? (e) cant you?
  6. (a) have they? (b) were they? (c) doesnt it? (d) do i? (e) didnt I?
  7. (a) arent we? (b) will they? (c) is it? (d) doesnt it? (e) doesnt there?



(a) Most of the students who fail in English don’t have strong foundation over grammar, —–?
(b) They read only to pass the examination, —-?
(c) Teachers should motivate them to learn the basic thing, —-?
(d) They can’t help learning grammar, —-?
(e) Moreover, practice is essential too, —-?

Answer :
(a) do they? (b) don’t they? (c) shouldn’t they? (d) can they? (e) isn’t it?

(a) Nobody believes a cheat, —-?
(b) Everybody hates him, —-?
(c) He has to drag a miserable life, —-?
(d) He can hardly succeed in life, —-?
(e) Let us always speak the truth, —-?

Answer :
(a) do they? (b) don’t they? (c) hasn’t he? (d) can he? (e) shall we?

(a) I am Rajib, a boy of class 10, —-?
(b) I am reading in science group. I aim to be a doctor, —-?
(c) But my parents want that I shall be an army officer, —-?
(d) I have to work hard for whatever I want to be. Because success in life depends on hard work, —-?
(e) Parents always advise me to work hard, —-?

Answer :
(a) aren’t I? (b) don’t I? (c) shan’t I? (d) doesn’t it? (e) don’t they?

(a) I am sorry, Ramit. I am very late, —-?
(b) There was a traffic jam, —-?
(c) Oh! Don’t worry. The train is late, —-?
(d) Then, have a cup of tea, —-?
(e) Yes. Let’ go to the canteen, —-?

Answer :
(a) aren’t I? (b) wasn’t there? (c) isn’t it? (d) will you? (e) shall we?

(a) I am doing a very important work. Don’t disturb me, —-?
(b) Rupa said to Mina, ‘Hwo happy you are in a nuclear family!’—-?
(c) Cousin lives in a village. He hardly comes here, —-?
(d) I study in a reputed school. I am a student, —-?
(e) Don’t make late. Let’s go, —-?

Answer :
(a) will you? (b) aren’t you? (c) does he? (d) aren’t I? (e) shall we?

(a) Mina is having a birthday party in the afternoon, —-?
(b) Yes, she is. She’s been busy in cleaning and dusting the drawing room, —-?
(c) Yesterday her father brought her a lovely dress, —-?
(d) And her mother wants to give her a pleasant surprise, —-?
(e) Certainly, let’s buy a nice gift for you, —-?

Answer :
(a) isn’t she? (b) hasn’t she? (c) didn’t he? (d) doesn’t she? (e) shall we?

(a) The wind blows gently in the spring, —-?
(b) Let them do the work, —-?
(c) H
ow nice the flowers are, —-?

(d) Everything looks beautiful in a moonlit night, —-?
(e) Work hard to succeed, —-?

Answer :
(a) doesn’t it? (b) will you? (c) aren’t they? (d) doesn’t it? (e) will you?

(a) Your letter gave me much pleasure, —-?
(b) I am glad to inform you about our sports day, —-?
(c) We decorated the school campus colourfully, —-?
(d) Among the events, sack race and three leg race were interesting, —-?
(e) None could resist laughter watching these events, —-?

Answer :

(a) didn’t it? (b) aren’t I? (c) didn’t we? (d) weren’t they? (e) could they?


(a) We see that Masum has little knowledge about games and sports, —-?
(b) Let’s talk to him, —-?
(c) We think, he doesn’t know how to play tennis, —-?
(d) Everybody praises an all rounder, —-?
(e) Though he is a good student, he is layy, —-?

Answer :
(a) has he? (b) shall we? (c) does he?  (d) don’t they?  (e) isn’t he?

(a) Telling lies is a great sin, —-?
(b) One lie begets hundred lies, —-?
(c) None believes a liar, —-?
(d) He has to lead a miserable life, —-?
(e) So all of us ought to refrain from telling lies, —-?

Answer :
(a) isn’t it? (b) doesn’t it? (c) do they? (d) hasn’t he? (e) oughtn’t we?