Change the following speeches into indirect speeches

  1. The teacher asked Synthia, “Have you done your English lesson today?”
  2. The teacher said, “Let us try again.”
  3. “What a lucky girl she is!” said Sohel.
  4. Priyonti said to me, “Where are you living now?”
  5. Mim said to her, “Are you happy?”
  6. Ripa said to Rina, “Will you take tea?”
  7. Sadia said to me, “Why are you sitting alone here?”
  8. Teacher said to me, “May you get prosperity in life.”
  9. Raad said, “Please forgive me for this time.”
  10. I said, “Don’t gossip in the class.
  11. “Be attentive to your lesson” said the teacher to Rana.
  12. Father said to his son, “Go to school now.”
  13. I said, “What an interesting book it is!
  14. “Let them go on a picnic.” Said Salam.
  15. “What an excellent idea it is!” said Kamal.
  16. “May Allah grant you a long life,” said the teacher to the boy.