About Us

In the name of Creator, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Peace be on you through the mercy of Creator who has given me a chance to publish such a website especially designed for the school as well as college going students in keeping with their academic syllabus and also for those who are inquisitive to learn basic grammar easily, quickly and perfectly. In traditional system, honorable teachers giving lectures on a particular topic of grammar may be able to set some examples only within the limited time. Returning home, when learners sit to practise from conventional books, they find it so difficult owing to inadequate examples or mixed examples on various rules. Realizing the fact, through this website I have tried my level best to jot down the highest number of rules, exceptional rules with huge examples opportunity on individual rules to ensure learner’s lucid understanding.

Any kind of constructive criticism and advice will be highly appreciated for the further improvement of my little effort.

A face is ardently waiting to see another face flourished with success……


Sincerely Yours 


BA (Hons), MA. in English

Founder Director, Skylark

Mirpur-14, Dhaka

Cell: 01521441859 or 01674981658

Email: tuhin0011@gmail.com


Website: skylarkedu.wordpress.com


7 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. What an English learning website! It is really a tremendous opportunity for the English learners. I appreciate this sort of initiative of its founder n wish a bright future. Pls stay connected with teachers n students providing with more updated information


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